Ben Knight: 2013 NHDRO Street Fighter Champion

The 2013 NHDRO season concluded almost 8 months ago for the majority of the racers. The season finale event encountered a rare rainout, and eliminations couldn’t be fully completed. Event promoter, Brian Welch, decided to let each class vote and decide whether to end the points as they were or to complete the race at the 2014 season opener. The majority of the racers voted to end the season right there and every class crowned a champion, with the exception of Street Fighter. Those racers chose to wait until the following year’s season opener to finish out the race and declare their champion.

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Ben Knight carried a small lead into the final rounds over Dave Page, Ron Arnold, and John Markham. As the race resumed this past weekend, the championship battle grew thinner each round. Ron Arnold defeated John Markham in the second round to put him out of contention, while also giving himself an outside shot at the title. Dave Page was able to capitalize on a broke bye, followed up by a competition bye, to put himself into the semi-finals. Knight then took advantage of a red light from Ron Arnold, which cemented the 2013 NHDRO Street Fighter championship for the Brock’s Performance supported racer. In addition to securing the championship, Knight raced to both Street ET finals in the season opener garnering runner-up Saturday and taking the win on Sunday.

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Ben is the Business Development/Project Manager at Brock’s Performance and handles a wide variety of tasks. Ben’s responsibilities range from managing racer support/sponsorship programs, to product research and development. You can find him at most major drag racing events throughout the year helping out Brock’s Performance customers while also racing multiple classes.

Knight’s championship winning Hayabusa is equipped with the following products: