Brock Riders win 3 Championships with XDA

Real Street –  Spencer Claycomb
5.60 – Jeremy Teasley
Crazy 8’s – Jeremy Teasley

Real Street Champion – Spencer Claycomb

In DME Racing Real Street, Spencer Claycomb was the only racer to claim his championship before the final event. On Thursday during testing, Claycomb ran his quickest pass ever at 7.63 at 181 mph. That would turn out to be the highlight of his weekend as he struggled in qualifying. He had problems in round one and then swapped to an untested motor for Saturday that would break his block in round two, making him a spectator of Real Street for the rest of the day.

Anibal Merced took the number one qualifying position with a 7.73 and was looking for a win to finish out the year. However, Merced would be stacked against Teasley’s in the semi-final. All three Teasley brothers, Cameron, Brandon, and Jeremy, took round two wins and would be headed to the semi-final round with Merced. Unfortunately, the rain would end the event before we could see this happen.

Real Street will return for the 2019 XDA racing season. Thank you to all the racers that came out to support this class in a positive way!

5.60 Champion – Jeremy Teasley

Jeremy Brown qualified number one in the FBR Shop 5.60 class with a 5.601. This qualifying position would give Brown the most points earned for the event and the number five overall finish for 2018. But with only one round of competition completed, the other Jeremey of the class, Teasley would keep his points hold on the class and claim the 2018 Champion.

Crazy 8’s Champion – Jeremy Teasley

Teasley was also leading the Shinko Tires Crazy 8’s class coming into this event. And all eyes were on David Poague in round one of eliminations as he lined up against Teasley. But when he failed to take out the points leader, it put the pressure on Boo Brown who was the only candidate left for a chance at the crown. Unfortunately for Brown, the rain came in before round two, and that would seal the deal for a second championship for Jeremy Teasley.

The 2018 season saw a lot of up’s, and down’s this year, from records to rain-outs. The 2019 XDA season is shaping up to be the quickest and fastest season yet.

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