Brock’s Equipped Riders Dominate ECTA Street Bike Challenge

Results from the Brock’s Performance Street Bike Challenge at ECTA – Ohio Mile on September 30 – October 2.

The 11th Annual Street Bike Challenge, sponsored by Brock’s Performance, was held September 30th through October 2nd at the final ECTA event at Wilmington Airpark.  This event was extra special for all the attendees as this was last event to be held at the Ohio Mile, and the ECTA is still in the hunt for a 2017 venue. In addition to the bragging rights of winning the final Street Bike Challenge, participants were also racing for plaques, gift certificates, and products from all of the great sponsors who supported the event.

Street Bike Challenge Winners:

  • 650cc No power adder: Greg Neal – 180.86 mph
  • 750cc No power adder: Greg Neal – 180.07 mph
  • 1000cc No power adder: Ralphie Navarro – 199.82 mph
  • 1000cc One power adder: Ralphie Navarro – 234.2530 mph
  • Unlimited No power adder: Mike Brakel – 209.10 mph
  • Unlimited – Nitrous No capacity limit : Ransom Holbrook – 244.29 mph
  • Unlimited – Turbo Class: No capacity limit – Shane Stubbs 245.49
  • Twin Cylinder : Jeremy Weber – 185.14 mph

Ransom Holbrook – Alien Head 2 Full Exhaust System / Worldwide Bearings Ceramic Wheel Bearings / Alisyn Oil

It was none other than Ransom Holbrook getting things started off Saturday morning with yet another mind boggling pass on his nitrous injected Hayabusa.  Despite less than ideal conditions, Holbrook ran an astounding 244.29mph in the timed mile.  Still the fastest nitrous bike in the world, Ransom was solidly on top of the Unlimited Nitrous Class and also leading the entire event in speed.  Ransom had this to say about his pass, “I was very pleased with the 244.29 mph run especially considering the 10 mph headwind and the 90% humidity. That 1-mile speed, which was identical to the fastest run that I managed in May, basically ‘bookend’ a very successful season.”

In the Unlimited Turbo class, Shane Stubbs topped the leader board with a 245.49 mph pass on the compound turbo Hayabusa of Hass-Serafini Racing.  Stubbs was asked to make some test passes to gather data by the team, and without fairings, he ended up coming out on top.  In an awesome demonstration of team work, Stubbs also rode for the Tredway-Stubbs Racing Team, who had their own turbo Hayabusa, and ran a very respectable 241 mph at the meet.

Shane Stubbs – BST Carbon Fiber Wheels / Vortex Sprockets / Worldwide Bearings Ceramic Wheel Bearings

After dominating the 1000cc Power Adder Class for ten straight years, Don Hass finally gave someone else a chance at taking the title.  Riding Hass’s dominating bike, Ralphie Navarro piloted the GSXR-1000 turbo monster to an impressive 234.24mph pass on Sunday morning.  This marked Ralphie’s fastest pass to date on any bike as the new addition to Hass-Serafini Racing held his own.

Ralphie Navarro (Suzuki GSX-1000R)BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

But one class wasn’t enough for Mr. Navarro as he came back to take the No Power Adder 1000cc Class in the shootout.  Aboard his BMW S1000RR, Ralphie ran a stout 199.82 mph into a headwind.

Ralphie NavarroShortMeg Black Ceramic Full Exhaust System / Fully Adjustable Window Links / Dynojet Power Commander V / Alisyn Less-Than-Zero Fully Synthetic Oil / Petron Oil Additive

Mike Brakel took the top spot in the Unlimited No Power Adder Class with a stellar 209.10 mph pass into a head wind.  Riding an all motor Suzuki Hayabusa, he was able to use power and aerodynamics to his advantage and overcame the conditions for a great pass.  The Twin Cylinder class was won by Jeremy Weber on a twin cylinder most wouldn’t have thought of… a Ducati.  Fighting through the wind, the torque of his Ducati powered him to a best of 185.14 mph to win the class.

Mike Brakel


Jeremy Weber

The Street Bike Challenge had another double class winner — the all-time land speed record holder, Greg Neal, who now holds over 500 records.  Greg has been a Brock’s Performance customer and advocate for years and campaigns all motor 600cc & 250cc Kawasaki’s.  With his 2013 ZX-6R, Greg was able to take top spot in both the 650 & 750cc classes with 180mph passes.  With the wind really hurting the speed on his Kawasaki’s, Neal still put up impressive numbers.

Greg Neal ShortMeg Full Exhaust System / BST Carbon Fiber Wheels / Ceramic Wheel Bearings / Alisyn Less-Than-Zero Fully Synthetic Oil / Petron Oil Additive

“Land speed racing is a very underexposed form of racing that is great for people looking to go fast in a safe environment.  Safety is the number one concern at these events, and it allows many participants to safely reach speeds they only once dreamed up.  We were glad to support the Street Bike Challenge once again at the final ECTA event in Wilmington.  We’re hoping they find a venue to continue these events in the future,” said Brock’s Performance President, Brock Davidson.

We can only hope the future holds good things for LSR, but for one racer in particular, the 2017 season certainly has some lofty goals.  When we asked Ransom Holbrook if he is still chasing 250mph in a mile he had this to say, “My nitrous bike has always been a science experiment. Sometimes things work; sometimes they don’t. It’s takes a lot of thought and science to keep a bike alive when you are spraying for 18 seconds. Looking toward next year, I’m planning on doing a lot of reflection and making incremental changes along the way… hopefully edging toward faster speeds.”

Condor Pit Stop winner Mike Penny and Dynojet Power Commander winner Conrad Klawuhn

Thanks to all the racers and customers who supported the ECTA event, but mostly thanks to all our vendors that put up so many great prizes to help us make this a fun event for all the riders.

Prizes awarded to the class winners and giveways to participates included:

We encourage you to support the companies that support your passion
: 1 Stop Speed, Alisyn Oils, Baker Drivetrain, Condor Products, DNA Air Filters, Dynojet, Rotobox, Shinko, Sprint Filter, Tiger Racing, Montgomery Motorsports, Vortex, VP Race Fuels and Worldwide Bearings.


Class Winner Photos

Ransom Holbrook – Winner of Unlimited Nitrous No Capacity Limit – receiving his plaque from Eryn Stall of Brock’s Performance

Greg Neal – Winner of 650cc and 750cc

Shane Stubbs – Winner of Unlimited Turbo Class

Ralphie Navarro – Winner of 1000cc No power adder and 1000cc One power adder


Mike Brakel – Winner of Unlimited No power adder

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