Brock’s Performance Joins ToyMakerz on Velocity TV Reality Show

Brock’s Performance shows how bolt-on magic is made while transforming a mild 2012 Suzuki Hayabusa into a Stupid Fast custom during episode three of ToyMakerz, a moto-wrenching reality TV show which airs this Friday, September 30 at 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm Eastern time on the Velocity Channel.

ToyMakerz premiered on September 16 to rave reviews just two weeks ago with a Gymkana-like road-rampage in Reidsvillle, North Carolina. The series is based on the wild life and vehicular creations of David Ankin, a former stunt man and motorcycle racer who’s now the owner, lead toy inventor and master fabricator at ToyMakerz, Inc., his custom speed shop in Reidsville, North Carolina.

To cast each episode, Ankin invites industry-leading, go-fast friends to help his crew build a different vehicle during the 10-segment, one-hour show, then burn rubber on the street and racetrack.

Brock’s Performance president Brock Davidson met the maniacal TV host while consulting on another Brock’s-modded vehicle, former Van Halen lead vocalist Sammy Hagar’s mind-bending Tanom Invader reverse trike. Davidson and Ankin quickly became fast friends and soon the Stupid Fast moto toymaker from Dayton, Ohio was asked to bring his high-performance personality and bike-tuning ability to this supporting role.

Davidson built street cred as a national-championship-winning, Suzuki-sponsored drag racer, tuner and mechanical engineer. After joining the 200 mph club and becoming the first man to hustle a street-legal bike through the quarter mile in less than eight seconds, he started Brock’s Performance in 2002. Many championships and top-speed records later, the company has become a global leader in the design, testing, retailing and distribution of go-fast motorcycle parts.

“I had a fantastic time on ToyMakerz,” says Davidson. Not only did we get to build a cool Busa, but we rolled it out of the shop and went riding together afterward. David Ankin is a true motorcycle enthusiast, a talented rider and an all-around good guy. It’s exciting that he’s dedicated himself to putting together an interesting television program utilizing his network of crazy talented friends.

“From this Four Horsemen episode to our wild rides in the Tanoms with Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Jason Bonham, we have made some great memories recently, and I’m looking forward to working with David and the rest of the ToyMakerz crew again very soon.”

ToyMakerz embodies the modern definition of its title…unique toys for big boys. The eight part, one hour episodes are based on the life and creations of David Ankin, owner and proprietor of the company, ToyMakerz, Inc. Based in Reidsville, North Carolina, the series production began in April with filming taking place in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida.

Ankin, a former stunt man, motorcycle racer and custom vehicle fabricator, stars and the supporting cast features his team at Toymakerz, Inc. Ankin’s team is well versed in the creation of “one-off” specialized vehicles from racecars, custom motorcycles (both V-twin and sport bikes), trucks and unique reverse trikes. David Ankin is the personification of the all-American boy—the guy you always want on your team and the guy you never want to cross.

David and his team bring the ingenuity and the skill set to satisfy a wide array of customers–from celebrities to international business magnates. Anyone looking for a motorized vehicle that is unmatched in its class calls on, ToyMakerz.

The series appeals to audiences who love wrench turning and fabrication while drawing in new fans from the R&D and competition worlds of motorsport. Thanks to David Ankin’s unique role in this world, Toymakerz will also take the audience outside the shop to experience these machines in action—on the track, on the street, and in your face.

The series has already aired two successful episodes featuring a GPS car and Trike Wars. The next episode, ‘The Four Horsemen’, will air this Friday, September 30, 2016, at 8/7c and 11/10c on the Velocity Channel.

We can’t give you the full scope on ‘The Four Horsemen’ episode, but we can tell you it involves a limited edition Hayabusa and the ‘King of Stupid Fast’. Enough said!

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