Brock’s Performance Sonic Search™

Brock's Performance Sonic Search

Sonic Search™ Implemented at Brock’s


Brock’s Performance is proud to announce an upgrade to the search engine in our store, we call it Sonic Search™. In today’s ever-changing world, it is vital for us to stay up-to-date on the latest innovative technologies, so that you can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience when you visit our store. After listening to customer feedback, we decided that it was time to make your shopping search experience as Stupid Fast™ as the brand you have come to trust.


With our new Sonic Search™, not only are results much faster, but the outcomes are targeted to that specific product. You will also notice, to the left of your search results, that the product is broken down into categories, which allows quick model selection too. But we didn’t stop there… to top it off, we added a bonus feature which also allows the results to be sorted by price range, allowing you to find products which fit your budget perfectly.



Sonic Search™ features at a glance:


  • Find products faster
  • Find products even when words are misspelled or synonyms are used
  • Find products based on popularity or exact product match
  • Filter search results based on category, model and price range
  • Sort search results by popularity, price, relevance, etc…
  • Easily find related items
  • Display search results in list view or grid view
  • View recent search history



At Brock’s Performance we take great pride in always delivering the best customer service in our industry. Our new Sonic Search™ was developed to help get your ordering finished quickly, so you can get back to riding.


Brock's Performance Sonic Search