Brock’s Performance Sponsors the Throttle Nation Top Speed Challenge

throttle Nation Top Speed Challenge

Brock’s Performance is proud to announce they are sponsoring all six classes at the 7th annual Throttle Nation Top Speed Challenge

The 2012 season at ECTA’s new home in Ohio is already turning out to be the best year of racing ever for motorcyclists looking to wring everything possible out of their bike. The track is not only newer but it is also a LOT smoother. With the move to Ohio, the Throttle Nation Top Speed Challenge hopes to bring more motorcyclists than ever to the new track. The location in Wilmington, Ohio brings land speed racing to the heart of the USA geographically speaking which should make it a lot easier for most racers to enjoy the event.

“I’m pleased to be associated with the Throttle Nation Top Speed Challenge and the continuance of this iconic event. After traveling over 200 MPH myself at Maxton on my personal Hayabusa, I understand the challenges these competitors face and look forward to supporting all of our ‘stupid fast’ friends in the land speed community along with the ECTA on its first successful year in Wilmington, OH,” says Brock Davidson.
Brock’s Performance will be awarding $100.00 gift certificates for the fastest speed turned in each of the six classes:

  • 650cc Throttle Nation: no power adder
  • 1000cc Throttle Nation: no power adder
  • 1000cc Throttle Nation: one power adder (nitrous or turbo)
  • Throttle Nation Unlimited: no power adder
  • Throttle Nation Unlimited: nitrous, no capacity limit
  • Throttle Nation Unlimited: turbo, no capacity limit

The Throttle Nation motorcycle event (September 29-30th 2012) is held in conjunction with the normal ECTA event with a few special rules that make this a heads up race that is a bit unique compared to typical motorcycle land speed racing.


  • All bikes must have a 2012 tag in your state and it must be shown to Throttle Nation officials if asked. We will require you to present your registration paperwork and VIN.
  • The bike must have a working headlight and taillight.
  • The bike must be ridden by the registered owner.
  • Power adder classes may have only one “power adder” nitrous, turbo or supercharger installed.
  • All motor classes may not have any power adder installed.

The crew from Throttle Nation Magazine will be there with lots of free goodies and giveaways for the class winners as well as free copies of the magazine, decals for your bike and lots more. The time is now to register and show all your friends who has the fastest streetbike in America.

For more information on this event visit: ECTA or Throttle Nation.


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