BST Rear Wheel Extreme Use Information

Product Advisory – BST Carbon Fiber Rear Wheels in Extreme Use Applications

Attention Brock’s Performance customers that use BST carbon fiber wheels in extreme use applications as defined by, but not limited to: Modified motorcycles in excess of 450 hp, Drag Racing, Super Moto, Stunt riding or any other extreme use.

Brock’s Performance has received a small number of reports that older BST wheels that have been subjected to multiple, repeated extreme use, may fail. We take these reports seriously and have worked diligently with the manufacturer to create an Extreme Use Policy as well as a BST Carbon Fiber Rear Wheel Inspection Document.

In the interest of rider safety, BST does not recommend the following wheels for extreme use and have identified that the following wheels are at the most risk of failure due to extreme use.

6” Rear   –   Model# 8006   –   Serial Number 2722 and lower   –   Built Prior to 11/25/2011

6.25” Rear   –   Model# 8014   –   Serial Number 129 and lower   –   Built Prior to 01/11/2012

6.625” Rear   –   Model# 8013   –   Serial Number 172 and lower   –   Built Prior to 11/22/2011


BST Rear Wheel Label Location Example

Example of Label Location


BST Carbon Fiber Rear Wheel Inspection Document: Click here to download PDF (2mb)

Please read the BST Carbon Fiber Rear Wheel Inspection Document carefully. It is designed so that you receive the earliest possible communication from the manufacturer concerning their product as it may affect its use and your personal safety. Please heed the inspection and warning advice as described in the BST Carbon Fiber Rear Wheel Inspection Document.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. If you need further information please contact us at 937-912-0054 or by email at