BST vs Rotobox – Carbon Fiber Wheel Comparison

BST or Rotobox – Which one is for me?

In early 2016, we added the exciting lineup of Rotobox carbon fiber wheels to our product offerings, and since that time, the most commonly asked question has been, “Which carbon fiber wheel is best, BST or Rotobox?”


The answer, they both are.

Today’s world is becoming more carbon fiber friendly, and an increasing number of riders are experiencing firsthand the numerous benefits of a lighter, better-handling, and ultimately safer motorcycle. If we have learned one thing from the composites market, it’s that the technology is advancing as fast as our bikes, and both the BST and Rotobox lines exploit all of today’s advancements in modern day, composite technology. A lighter, stronger wheel will behave far friendlier than a steel, magnesium or aluminum wheel. From a safety position, both wheels come with DOT approval and are ready for even the harshest of environments. By the way, did you know that Ducati, Confederate, and Norton, to name a few, are now using carbon fiber wheels on factory bikes directly purchased off of the showroom floor?

In today’s automotive and motorcycle industries, carbon fiber is nearly ubiquitous in superbikes and supercars, but as prices have come down, due to less expensive material costs, the opportunity to add a set of these beautiful wheels to your bike is now in reach. As of today, we have over 600 different carbon fiber wheels for most motorcycle applications; combine this with our customization packages, and the possibilities are endless. Carbon fiber wheels are no longer “unobtainium” reserved for the ultra-wealthy, like Jay Leno and oil barons.  Even the cost-conscious 125cc Grom crowd are rolling on carbon fiber wheels these days.

One of the main reasons we added the Rotobox line was because our valued customers expressed an interest in having more choices. Our goal was to offer a one-stop shopping experience where you can educate yourself on these popular wheels while comparing the many features and benefits of both wheel brands. Pricing between the two are similar, and both improve the handling and safety of your motorcycle while decreasing rider fatigue. So the comparison comes down to the style and customization you are looking for.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

BST, with over 22,000 wheels on the road, is the largest aftermarket and OEM carbon fiber wheel manufacturer in the world. Offering a more traditional “spoke like” look, BST has 5 different spoke patterns that are unique to each bike type. The user can select from 4 different finishes (gloss, matte, satin or the all new 2K-Xirallic Ink colors).

All BST carbon rims are a one-piece, hollow spoke design, utilizing pre-preg carbon fiber fabric woven in a unidirectional format, embedded in a resin matrix, and cured in a high-pressure autoclave. The rims are then permanently attached to aluminum hubs using high-strength aerospace fasteners with mechanical locking mechanisms as well as high-strength aerospace adhesive.


BST Custom Ink

Luxury car and motorcycle manufacturers have a long history of offering special paints for that one-of-a-kind look, so when BST was asked to paint a set of its carbon fiber wheels, they looked for ways they could offer color without hiding the beauty of the carbon fiber weave. BST uses a product called Xirallic® and then mixes it with an automotive clear coat using a 20% tint so they can offer a unique display of color while maintaining the aesthetic look of carbon fiber. This finish is offered Red Ink, Green Ink, and Blue Ink.

Xirallic® combines a lively sparkle with a shimmer which has never been achieved before. The crystal effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials (a division of Merck KGaA) create an unexpected deep luster and extraordinary sparkle in coatings. Their high color intensity and purity are impressive. Direct light – especially from the sun – shows off their unparalleled brilliance to the fullest. In short, Xirallic® is unique in the world of effect pigments. With its small particle size and tight particle size distribution, Xirallic® can be easily used in all application areas, from plastic coatings, industry and powder coatings, to dispersion paints. The main field of application for the crystal effect pigments, however, is automotive coatings: this is where their extraordinary color saturation and depth, as well as their universal technical usability, really come into their own.

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Rotobox RBX2 Carbon Fiber Wheels

Rotobox’s unique, carbon-fiber monocoque wheels are immediately distinguishable by five wide, elliptical spokes, smooth rim surfaces and stunning billet aluminum hubs that can be customized during manufacturing by special order.

Looking for a truly unique set of wheels for your bike? These blank canvases beg for artistic personalization. Riders can create one-off designs with Rotobox’s palette of colors, splashy graphics, stripes and logos, all protected by a choice of matte or glossy finishes that accentuate their carbon weaving. Rotobox offers custom personalization based on your design or one of the many stock designs.

These sculptures of carbon-fiber eye candy are built to perform as good as they look. Manufactured via high-pressure Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), this process consistently produces light, strong, smooth components.


Rotobox RBX2 Image Gallery:

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Let your personality and style shine through in the design of your wheels. We allow you to personalize your wheels with branded graphics and colored rim stripes. Additionally, choose between various colors of valve stems and wheel hubs, as well as the transparency of the clear coat (gloss or matte). Dare to be different. It’s your bike, ride it your way.



Up to 50% lighter than stock rims, the Rotobox BOOST wheels are an aggressive-looking addition to any machine.

BOOST wheels are also lighter, stronger and even more aerodynamic than the those on the RBX2 wheels, which rolled up to 226 mph on a Brock’s-modded Kawasaki Ninja H2 in a record-setting run from a standing start in just 1.5 miles.

The BOOST’s thinner spokes have larger “windows” between them than the current RBX2’s smooth, rounded ones. BOOST spokes are also ribbed for additional torque resistance and have invisible/seamless joints. Although the BOOST spokes are thinner, they have a 21% greater load rating on the front wheel and the rear has a 12% greater load rating than the RBX2. All Rotobox wheels are anchored with a 7000 series aluminum black anodized hub.

Much of these advancements are due to the BOOST’s exclusive, 3-Component Composite, a complex formulation of carbon and epoxy, reinforced with stainless-steel wire. The 2.5 mm-thick wire is integrated into both sides of the rim, increasing impact resistance in the most critical areas. The world’s only one-piece, carbon-monocoque wheel manufacturer, Rotobox products are produced utilizing a high-pressure Resin Transfer Molding (RTF) process that consistently turns out flawless, incredibly strong, watertight rims. Translation: the rims and hubs are a single carbon fiber unit with aluminum and stainless steel infused for additional strength and functionality.

Direct replacements for stock rims, model-specific Rotobox wheels come in convex and symmetrical designs for motorcycles with dual or single-sided swingarms. Their CNC-machined 7075 T6 aluminum billet hubs, disc and sprocket carriers can be customized with optional anodizing colors.


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