Considering your Guhl/Brocks ECU street flash for my 2012 ZX-14r. Bike is all stock. Do I need to map it for the ECU reflash?

Yes, if you have a Brock’s exhaust you have access to our maps at no charge. Read this FAQ for more info:

If I don’t want to put your exhaust and PC5 on at this time, can I still flash the ECU on the stock bike (ZX-14R) to get rid of the safe mode and increase the max rpm, etc.?

You would not be able to install the Brock flash 2 utilizing your stock exhaust for several reasons; the main being because the flies are being opened so much quicker than stock, the other being because we are slightly increasing your ignition timing… Both of these would require adjustments to your fuel curve to prevent an excessively lean mixture. Additionally, when raising your peak RPM level, additional fuel adjustments would also be required, since the stock ecu is not tuned to properly adjust fueling in this area.