Does my BST 2 year manufacturers warranty cover road hazards, crash damage or theft?

No. Please click here to view the Blackstone Tek. (_ã–BST”) Warranty Disclaimer:

We do have some suggestions if you encounter a road hazard, crash, damage or theft and it all boils down to PROPER DOCUMENTATION BEFOREHAND:

1. Pothole Damage D.O.T. Claim by State: Most states have a fund set up specifically to address these types of issues. It’s an uphill battle to collect in most instances, but it is possible. Document pothole ASAP (immediately and safely before it is filled, etc…) Photograph and detail with as much info. as possible i.e. location, size, depth (show a tape measure in the hole,) etc.

See Related Link below for State of Ohio Example/More Info. Please Note: Your State procedure may differ.

2. Pothole/Road Hazard/Curb/Etc… Insurance Claim: The job of insurance is to repair your vehicle to its previous condition _ãÄbefore the accident.’ If you carry a collision policy, companies like State Farm will usually consider striking a large pothole/curb (or other type of road hazard) a collision, and repair or replace your damaged wheels. The key is complete documentation. Keep all receipts showing purchase date, installation date, value, etc… Take photos and videos of your bike and wheels. Store them in a safe place (even send copies to your insurance agent.) Notify your insurance company of your modifications before you go for a ride. If you don’t give them any excuses, the process can be far less frustrating.

3. Stolen: See Note 2 If your bike is customized, it is your responsibility to prove the value of your customization and that that your work is current. If you are unable to do so at the time of your claim, they will work off of NADA book value.

4. Please note that all BST wheels are marked with a unique serial number and mfg. date. Document your front and rear numbers for reference.