How do I set up my bike for fast road riding with BST wheels – tire pressure and suspension settings?

For road use, use the same tire pressure that you usually use. For suspension – if the suspension is working OK for you before you put on the BST wheels, you should not have to make adjustments. The carbon wheels make a huge difference to the smaller bikes so there are some things you need to know. If you get chatter on fast corners once you change to the carbon wheels that were not there with metal wheels, you should be able to tune it out with suspension settings, or you could add weight to the swing-arm. The reason is simple: the total weight working on the shock is a lot less and hence you are not working within the range of the rear shock. The shock works at about 5 – 10 hertz and the wheel at +- 30 hertz so the natural frequency can chase the chatter on the smaller bikes. By putting weight on the swingarm you have the same weight working on the rear shock while gaining the advantage of the much lighter rear wheel.

We have about ten 125 Hondas that run the wheels in South Africa and they also tend to run lower tire pressures cold as the carbon does not transfer heat very well and they can get a bigger contact patch with lower pressure.