What performance gains can I expect on my bike by changing to BST wheels?

You’ll gain in many ways this is the best performance enhancing product you can buy. BSTs will make a dramatic difference that will gain you speed and responsiveness with less effort and fatigue. It’ll feel like you’ve added a few horses to your engine but at a very reasonable price. Best BANG per $$ for performance

Extra performance:
Low mass and lowest Moment of Inertia results in a lower unsprung mass; this means faster cornering, later braking, improved acceleration in all, faster lap times. Imagine the difference you’ll experience from dropping 11.2 lbs off the weight of your bike! That’s the difference in weight between the standard GSXR1000 wheels and the BSTs.

Extra Riding Fun and Rider Safety:
The huge drop in weight means that handling improves dramatically quicker lap times with less effort and astonishing responsiveness means less fatigue.

Extra Safety:

  • Carbon fiber is a fatigue free material resulting in longer product life;
  • Carbon fiber composite is a very damage tolerant material. In the event that a wheel is damaged, the damage propagates less easily;
  • Very low corrosion susceptibility.

Extra Cool Looks:
Whether you are into performance or looks, this wheel attracts attention gleaming, black, woven-look finish and “soft” styling makes a stunning addition to your motorcycle.

The views of UK SuperBike magazine:

what else can you do to a bike – for that money – to make it so much faster?

UK sports bike magazine, SuperBike, performed an independent two day test at the Almeria circuit in Spain using a 2002 Honda CBR900RR (954) FireBlade.

” The first day’s testing took place with standard wheels and the only change for the second day was the substitution of BST wheels.

Weather conditions were unchanged and the following was observed:

  • Acceleration was noticeably stronger with the rider reporting “it felt as though it had gained ten horsepower
  • The bike could be braked later
  • The bike could be turned more easily
  • Top speed at the end of the main straight was increased by 5mph
  • Lap times fell by a full 3 seconds although the rider did report “pulling the pin out” as he felt very confident on the bike during the second day

These results are consistent with performance gains normally found by virtue of the combination of reduced unsprung weight and reduced rotational inertia provided by BST wheels. Even if a bike is not being used on a circuit, the same benefits of increased performance and rideability also apply to road/street use. “

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