Over 122,000 Miles (196K Kilometers) on BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

There are two things everyone wants to know about carbon fiber wheels:  How strong are they, and how long do they last?

When it comes to strength, carbon fiber has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios on the planet.  It’s half the weight of aluminum with three times the strength, which gives manufacturers virtually unlimited ability to build parts with stiffness and strength that far exceeds aluminum, steel, and even titanium. Carbon fiber shows up in satellites, planes, Formula 1 racing, and supercars like the McLaren. We know carbon fiber is very, very strong.

But how long will carbon fiber last? It’s been three decades since the material was developed, and the evolution of carbon composites and manufacturing methods have produced carbon fiber that independent testing proves to have superior fatigue resistance.  The combination of strength and durability makes carbon fiber the material of choice for many industrial and automotive industries, often replacing aluminum, steel, and even titanium. Carbon fiber composites aren’t metal, so they don’t fatigue like metals. In fact, many experts say the life span of a well-constructed carbon fiber object is infinite.

Here at Brock’s Performance we stand behind our products with our own research and development. With customer service that’s second to none, we stay in close contact with our customers and manufacturers to make sure we can offer cutting-edge technology.

While many of our customers use their carbon fiber wheels a quarter mile at a time, we have several who ride every weekend and put high miles on their carbon fiber wheels. But no one comes close to Alfredo Di Nicola from Pietranico, Italy. Since 2004, with three different bikes equipped with BST Carbon Fiber Wheels, Alfredo has racked up over 196,339 Kilometers or 122,000 miles.

Over the last twelve years, Alfredo has owned three bikes and has installed BST carbon fiber wheels on all of them. The BST wheels on his 2007 Yamaha R1 have traveled through Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and France for a total of more than 79,500 miles. Alfredo recently purchased a 2008 Yamaha R1, which already has 4,000 miles on it.  Alfredo Di Nicola understands the strength and durability of carbon fiber wheels better than most.

At the end of 2015, Alfredo and a few of his friends embarked on trip through Europe to the Arctic Circle. He and his wife rode his 2003 Yamaha R6 with their luggage strapped to the bike, and on that one trip alone they rode for 39,768 miles!

How much do wheels matter on a long ride?  Ask Alfredo.  He said, “Since 2004 when I installed my first set of BST wheels, I knew I would never be able to ride on stock wheels again.” He explains, “The weight savings and handling were remarkable on my long trips. On stock wheels, I would feel beaten up after a long ride, but with the BST wheels I no longer felt like I was fighting against the road. Riding became more enjoyable, and so the Kilometers racked up faster!”  122,000 miles since 2004…  Alfredo knows what he’s talking about.

Our lightweight carbon fiber wheels help distance riders maximize comfort and minimize personal fatigue on long rides. After all, if you’re going to ride a lot of miles, why not make them enjoyable?

Check out the map below of Alfredo’s trip to the Arctic Circle with his wife and friends, along with the highlight video they made of their trip. And if you think you have Alfredo beat on mileage, let us know!

Arctic Circle Trip Itinerary:

Day 1 – Pescara, Italy to Rosenstein, Germany
Day 2 – Rosenstein in Hannover, Germany
Day 3 – Hanover to Malmo, Sweden
Day 4 – Malmo to Stockholm, Sweden
Day 5 – Stockholm to Umea, Sweden
Day 6 – Umea to Rovaniemi, Finland (They saw their first Midnight Sun)
Day 7 – Rovaniemi to Alta, Norway
Day 8 – Alta to Nordkapp, Norway and back to Alta
Day 9 – Alta to Narvic, Norway
Day 10 – Narvic to Storuman, Sweden
Day 11 – Storuman to Jönköping Lake, Sweden
Day 12 – Jönköping Lake to Kobenahvn, Denmark
Day 13 – Kobenahvn to Kassel, Germany
Day 14 – Kassel to Munchen, Germany
Day 16 – Left Munchen to head home






Trip Highlight Video:

From Italy to the Arctic Circle on a BST wheel equipped Yamaha YZF-R6 (2003). Footage courtesy of Alfredo Di Nicola.


Photo Gallery:

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