Ransom Holbrook / H&H Racing Sets Another National Record

Ransom Holbrook / H&H Racing and the World’s Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle Set Another National Record

On August 18th 2017, Ransom Holbrook and the H&H Racing Nitrous Motorcycle ventured to Marion, IN to let their presence be known at the Shift-S3ctor Half Mile Indy Airstrip Attack. Not only was Ransom the fastest motorcycle at the event, but set the fastest recorded motorcycle speed at any of Shift-S3ctor’s nationwide events, ever!

 As you recall, back in July, the H&H Racing Nitrous Motorcycle had experienced issues of pulling hard left during full acceleration at the Loring Timing Associations’ “Maine Event”. After returning to Lexington, KY, the bike’s entire suspension was stripped down and methodically gone over. The culprit was metal fatigue in the OEM swing arm along with the alignment issues that stemmed from that flexing. Furthermore, after careful review of the motorcycle’s on board video, it was determined that the issue had been present at past events but progressively had become worse turning into a major issue. So, it was going to be interesting to see what the Hayabusa would do now that it would go straight.

On Saturday, August the 19th, after the required slower license passes; the World’s Fastest Nitrous bike was allowed to do a full speed pass. In front of a large crowd of spectators: Ransom left the line strong, allowing the bike to pull hard, hit all the shift points as planned, and screamed through the timing traps at 211.47 mph. That 211 mph pass was the fastest motorcycle speed the event organizers had ever recorded in their 7 years of Nationwide events.

When asked how the run went, Ransom responded; “Looks like the bike goes straight now.”

The next event is open for Ransom Holbrook and the H&H Racing Nitrous Hayabusa.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for this year:

  • Ignite Race Fuel – A special thanks goes out to Ignite for the full sponsorship at this event.
  • Brock’s Performance – for the exhaust, engine components, and general support.
  • Wizard’s of NOS- for the best nitrous system.
  • Kibblewhite Precision Machining-for the White Diamond Valves, the only ones to use on a nitrous bike.
  • Galfer USA-for the brake calipers which are second to none.
  • Alisyn Oil-for the outstanding motorcycle race oils.
  • Vortex-EX- for the many, many sprockets and track components.
  • Tiger Racing-for front LSR race fenders and chain guards.
  • Worldwide Bearings-for the hidden horsepower.
  • Rider’s Discount- for all the safe racing apparel and helmets.