Spring Motorcycle Maintenance Guide

Spring into Performance with Brock's


It’s that time of year to head back out and be ‘Stupid Fast®’. Here is a quick guide to get your riding or racing season started. You don’t want to miss any sunny days and we are here to help. If you have any questions please contact us!



Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Know your bike from front to back. Read your owners manual. Your manual is going to tell you how the bike should be maintained, with diagrams showing where everything is located. The manual becomes very useful when you disassemble something and you are not sure how to put all the parts back together. If you don’t have the manual, we suggest purchasing one online.



Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® If you don’t use a battery for months, it can die. So we recommend charging your battery before attempting to start the bike. If charging doesn’t work, you’re going to have to invest in a new battery.


If you do need a new battery, we recommend a Full Spectrum Power battery. No other battery company can approach the level of quality that Full Spectrum Power is famous for… award winning, podium proven, lightweight lithium batteries, made in the USA. Click here to learn more.

Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Keep in mind; if you have a bike that goes long periods of time without being ridden, we suggest purchasing a trickle charger like the Pacemaker Charger. Even when not running, your motorcycle will draw power from the battery to power ECU memory, clocks, and other devices and sooner or later, the battery will get drained. The Pacemaker Charger will work with all Full Spectrum Power battery systems as well as most other 12v lithium lightweight motorcycle batteries. Trickle chargers are a must for race bikes that are only being ridden on the weekends. Click here to learn more.



Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Clean oil is an essential lubricant for your engine. Oil lets metal press against metal without damage. As oil gets dirty, it stops lubricating and the engine will quickly wear and fail. It is a good habit to change your filter at the same time as the oil. If you change the filter at a different time, you will have to drain the oil again meaning wasted oil. Click here to learn more.


Brock recommends the Alisyn synthetic oil line. Alisyn’s <0 oil will increase horsepower by reducing friction, oil temperature, rust and corrosion. Alisyn oil will cut internal friction losses by almost half compared to other full synthetics, which translates to less wear, more power, and better fuel economy. Click here to learn more.



Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Completely drain your tank! Even if you put stabilizer in your tank when you winterized it, you should still drain your tank. Once the tank is drained, now is a great time to check the inside of your tank for rust or gunk. Fill your tank back up and use a bottle of Wynn’s Power Charge. Simply add the Wynn’s to your tank after you fill it with gas, and it will help clean intake runners, ports, and valves with just one tank. Click here to learn more.



Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Pull your sparks plugs, check them and see if they need to be replaced. We recommend the NGK spark plugs because they have greater ignitability and performance over conventional spark plugs. If you’re unsure how to read your spark plugs, NGK has a great guide on how to read your spark plugs. Click here to learn more.



Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Check your brake pads and replace brake fluid. Check your owner’s manual for specs on when your brake pads should be changed (this is typically somewhere between 1-3mm,) and if it’s time to for a change, we recommend Carbone Lorraine brake pads. They deliver consistent performance with a bike loaded with cargo or carrying a passenger. This pad guarantees excellent performance in either wet or dry conditions. Click here to learn more.
Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® We also suggest you replace your brake fluid with our Motul Brake Fluid. Motul is specifically designed to resist the high temperatures of racing actuated brake (steel or carbon) and clutch systems. Click here to lean more.



Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Check all your cables and controls. Everything should be moving freely and not binding. Check the brakes by applying the brake and pushing it forward, the brake should feel firm and the front wheel should not move. Do the same for the back brake. OEM Brake lines should be replaced every two to three years, and for this we only trust Spiegler brake lines. Spiegler’s stainless steel braided brake lines eliminate expansion under the most severe applications. Click here to learn more.



Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Look over your wheel and tires. Check your wheels and make sure they are in good shape. Now is a good time to lift each end of the bike and spin the wheels to make sure there is no wobble or any rumbling in the hub.


Brock’s Performance carries a wide variety of BST Carbon Fiber Wheels. Click here to learn more.

Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Look over your tires, make sure there is no dry rot and you have plenty of tread. Refer to your owner’s manual for the correct air pressure.

We also stock a good selection of tires for street riding and for the track. Click here to see our tire availability.



Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Is your suspension adjusted correctly? If you have adjustable suspension, read your owner’s manual and adjust it for the load you will be carrying and the type of riding you will be doing. If you are doing any drag racing, we recommend you check out our Dragshocks to control wheelies, wheelspin, and chassis pogo. Click here to learn more.



Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Make sure your chain is clean and moves freely over the sprocket. Using a tape measure grasp the chain at a point halfway between the front and rear sprockets, and pull it up and down. The chain should be able to move about one inch up and one inch down.


Because motorcycle chains can stiffen in certain spots, it’s important to roll the bike forward and check all sections of the chain. If it moves more than about an inch, the chain will need tightening, and if it’s too tight, loosening will be in order. If individual chain links are too tight, the chain might need replacement. If replacement is needed, we recommend the EK Chains; no other chain manufacturer can match EK’s record for dependability, strength, and having the fastest chain in the world! Click here to learn more.

Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Whether or not your chain needs adjusting, you’ll want to keep it clean and well lubricated. We carry two of the best chain lubes on the market. If your motorcycle is a daily rider you will want to use our go High Performance Chain Wax, it lubricates better, stays on the chain longer than other dry lubes, and keeps the chain cleaner.

If you are a racer, you will want to use our Alisyn Chain Lubrication for it’s multipurpose synthetic grease that has excellent long life, load carrying capability, and anti-rust properties for temperatures ranging up to 600ºF. Click here to learn more.



Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Make sure your kickstand is not cracked or bent. Check the springs and make sure they have enough tension. If it’s time to replace your stock kickstand, Brock’s has a nice selection of adjustable billet kickstands for many models. Click here to learn more.




Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® Lastly, now is a good time to check your riding gear and see if anything needs to be replaced. Helmets should be replaced every 5 years. We strongly suggest you invest in a good fitting helmet. Everyone NEEDS his or her head. You don’t want to head out for a day of riding and realize that your jacket doesn’t fit correctly any longer or that your boots have a hole in them. We carry a quality line of riding jackets, race suits, and riding glasses to help you stay safe and look good. Click here to learn more.



Brock's Performance Stupid Fast® We do so much more than simply sell you performance accessories. We provide you with expert advice on how to properly use, install and care for everything we sell, and will continue to do so throughout the life of your bike. Our staff is knowledgeable and can help point you in the right direction for all your ‘Stupid Fast®’ needs.