Toymakerz on Velocity

Los Angeles based Production Company, Lucky 13 Cinematic (L13C), is proud to announce the launch of their television series entitled, Toymakerz . The series is currently scheduled to premiere this October – on the Velocity television network.

Toymakerz embodies the modern definition of its title…unique toys for big boys. The ten part, one hour episodes are based on the life and creations of David Ankin, owner and proprietor of the company, Toymakerz, Inc. Based in Reidsville, North Carolina, the series production is currently scheduled to begin in April with filming to take place in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida.

Ankin, a former stunt man, motorcycle racer and custom vehicle fabricator, stars and the supporting cast features his team at Toymakerz, Inc.  Co-starring in the series is Ankin’s right hand man and racecar fabricator, David Leavy. Leavy is well known for exceptional design and delivery of some of the best machines in the eighth and quarter mile. Ankin’s team is well versed in the creation of “one-off” specialized vehicles from racecars, custom motorcycles (both V-twin and sport bikes), trucks and unique reverse trikes. David Ankin is the personification of the all-American boy—the guy you always want on your team and the guy you never want to cross.

David and his team bring the ingenuity and the skill set to satisfy a wide array of customers–from celebrities to international business magnets. Anyone looking for a motorized vehicle that is unmatched in its class calls on, Toymakerz .

The production of Toymakerz is led by Executive Producer and show runner Eric Harryman, best known for his hit series, The Chopper Challenge (CMT/Mtv Networks/Viacom). “We have spent the last two years in the trenches with Dave and his team, building the series concept, tracking character development and highlighting storylines that translate to a wide demographic not traditionally interested in this genre. The dynamics of the people and the business have universal appeal.” Sonya Gay Bourn (Invention USA, Meteorite Men, Legends & Lies) has been signed by Lucky 13 Cinematic to Co-EP alongside Harryman who says, “Sonya’s track record producing ‘guyjinks’ shows-big, loud, and literally explosive-guarantees the talents of David and his team will be perfectly showcased.”

The series will appeal to audiences who love wrench turning and fabrication while drawing in new fans from the R&D and competition worlds of motorsport. Thanks to David Ankin’s unique role in this world, Toymakerz will also take the audience outside the shop to experience these machines in action—on the track, on the street, and in your face. Post production of the series will be handled exclusively by Subtractive, Inc. in Santa Monica, CA.

Stay Tuned to Toymakerz as more information becomes available.