If your Street Meg & Gen 3 pipe both share the same exact front header pipe, how is it that the Smeg able to produce more horsepower then the Gen 3? A friend of mine has one of your pipes and got a motorcycle shop to install it along with a power commander. The shop didn’t use the map Brock’s had supplied and said they preferred to custom map the bike. What is the advantage or disadvantage, if any of doing it this way over using the mapping you supply?

There is minimal little difference in power between the G3 and Smeg in stock engine applications (Smeg has a slight advantage in all +5HP on the 14). Most purchases are determined due to look and sound preference. Please read this, if you already haven’t: Brochure_2007.pdf The megaphone taper makes the difference…it’s not just about the head pipe size. Decreased rolling resistance/friction…quicker ET/higher MPH vs. stock. Shop with dynos make easy $$$ praying on the ignorance of the uninformed. The worst part is that they usually use our map as a starting point…then charge the customer an additional $250- $37