2002 Hayabusa 1397. I have your piston kit, intake cam, exhaust cam, sidewinder. Also PC III USB, 10 inch over swingarm, 60hp shot wet nitrous. It has no air filter(block-off plate) and used as a track bike only. 1. What type of fuel do you rec? 2. Do you have a map available? 3. Should I run baffle or not? 4. What be proper gearing, I weigh 200 lbs? 5. I have a MRE lock-up, should I run your spring package as a baseline? 6. How much can you safely spray until you have to take timing out?

1. VP MRX01 up to 60 shot. Use VP C-16 for anything over 60 hp.

2. Something close- click on the link below to fill out for a map.

3. No baffle for 1397cc with our sidewinder- especially with spray.

4. For gearing, front sprocket 16 and rear sprocket 39 to start for rider at 200 lbs.

5. We use our clutch cushion kit with the MRE lock-up- I can give you base setting.

6. Anything over 60 hp…but Busa’s are not like old school bikes…anything over 5-8 degrees can cause problems.