Where can I find BST Wheel Bearing Installation and/or Replacement Instructions?

Please go here for instructions: http://www.brocksperformance.com/brocknm/PDFS/BST_Wheel_Bearing_Replacement_Procedure.pdf

Special Note: Pay special attention to the fact that the drive adaptor bearing MUST BE SUPPORTED on the washer used to install it, as the inner spacer and brake adaptor bearing are installed. Extreme care must be taken to prevent the drive adaptor bearing from moving away from the shoulder in the wheel. Industry standard assembly techniques and tools must be used during snap-ring installation.

Brock’s Performance is an authorized BST service facility with all of the necessary tools and expertise to perform an OEM quality wheel bearing replacement.

Brock’s Performance only uses and recommends World Wide Bearings, which are installed free of charge with all BST wheel purchases through Brock’s.