World’s Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle Resets Record to 244 MPH

Land Speed Racers headed to the Ohio Mile this past weekend for the first meet of the 2016 East Coast Timing Association (ECTA) season. With numerous racers running Brock’s Performance products, we knew the weekend would yield Stupid Fast™ results. But as the event approached, we thought our high hopes would be dashed with a poor weather forecast looming over the weekend.

With rain and high winds on Friday, many of the racers sat the day out looking for Saturday to set records. However, Saturday racers awoke to a dreary sky and a forecast that called for afternoon showers. Without delay, land speed racer and ‘Nitrous Guru’, Ransom Holbrook, headed out to the starting line early for a chance to get down the track before the rain could steal the day away from him.

At 9:08am, Ransom Holbrook set a record and renewed his long-standing title as, ‘World’s Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle’ in the standing mile. Ransom has held this title since he broke it back in September of 2013, with a then-jaw-dropping 238.6 mph pass. This was a hard-fought title for Ransom as the record sat under 230 mph for seven years prior. When Holbrook claimed the record, Mark Dotson was the record holder with 229 mph for one short year. Dotson had upped the record by only a 1 mph increment after beating Guy Caputo’s 6-year-old pass of 228.8 mph.

Now, only three years later, on his Brock’s equipped Hayabusa, Holbrook reset his own record with a blistering 244.29 mph pass. “I picked up more horsepower just by bolting on a Brock’s Alien Head Exhaust System,” Holbrook said with a smile. “I was ecstatic when I saw my mile per hour. Considering the poor conditions we were running in, I am looking forward to another record pass this year!”

Keep an eye out for Ransom Holbrook to break 250 mph and keep a firm hold on his prestigious title of ‘World’s Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle’.

Video Footage of Ransom’s pass from the Starting Line.