2013 Moment to Remember: Sergeant R. Rendon’s Surprise Tour of Brock’s Performance

As the year comes to a close, we take this time to reflect. With our lives moving faster and faster, it’s easy to lose sight of how lucky we are to live in this amazing country… a country defended by so many brave men and women. As we transition into 2014, let’s not forget about the sacrifices our soldiers and their families make, or the struggles they endure to ensure our freedom. We encourage everyone to support our troops and find a way to make a difference in the life of a soldier. Even the smallest gesture can produce a priceless smile and a lasting memory.

Over the recent Thanksgiving weekend we, at Brock’s Performance, were honored with the opportunity to host a surprise tour of our facility for a soldier/performance enthusiast and his family. We would like to thank Ricky Rendon, his wife, Gloria (and her excellent covert operation skills,) as well as all of our veteran and active duty service members for allowing us to safely enjoy this, and every, holiday season.

Brock Davidson
President, Brock’s Performance





SGT Rendon recounts the story of the ‘Stupid Fast’ connection made halfway around the world:



“The picture we sent you guys of us in the hats and shirts is CW3 Ken Weidle and I. Mr. Weidle (on the left) is one of our pilots and I am a Flight Medic in Charlie Company 3/82 Dustoff. We pulled Medivac coverage at Jalalabad, Afghanistan from August of 2011 – August of 2012. The company is now back safely in the states and I’ve got about 3 weeks left here in Afghanistan. I stayed a little longer to help get our replacements up and running.

In our spare time, we would often watch your videos. We’re both huge fans of the “Louisville Slugger” and the ZX-10R, sick bikes. After reading about the new ZX-14R and watching videos, Mr. Weidle was convinced to buy another bike and opted for the new 14R. You guys played a part in that, because of the Louisville Slugger. The first aftermarket thing he bought was the black Alien Head. After he got his bike I sold my GSX-R1000 and found a Busa that was already pre-equipped with an Alien Head of its own, a double win. That’s when I emailed you guys to say thanks. You guys had given us a little piece of home by keeping us updated on your new products and showing that they truly worked. We had both bought bikes we had never even seen in person. Steve replied to my email extremely fast, which I couldn’t believe. It’s not often that a company will openly show their support for the military, especially in a personalized message. Steve asked for the address and sent us some “Stupid Fast” gear. In turn we felt it was only right to display it in front of our “Stupid Fast” aircraft, a HH-60M Medivac helicopter.

In our profession speed saves lives and that is truly what we’re all about. The American Flag we presented you with was flown during one of our missions. As always the missions start with “9 line, 9 line, 9 line” over the radio, which springs us into action. Each member of the crew drops whatever they’re doing, runs to the aircraft, puts on gear, and we have the aircraft up in a target time of less than 15 minutes. That mission was no different, and because of it three soldiers are still with us today. It makes us proud to see that you guys hung the flag in your entryway where it’ll be the first thing people see when they come to your facility. It means a lot to us and the service men and women who have sacrificed the things we have for our country. Thanks again Brock’s Performance for your support.”


SGT Ricardo Rendon
C 3/82 Dustoff