‘Black Beauty’ Generation 3 Suzuki Hayabusa

Chris Moore riding Brock's Performance ‘Black Beauty’ Generation 3 Suzuki Hayabusa

As raced at Maryland International Raceway in the XDA Super Stock class – April 2024

Rider: Chris Moore – YouTube / Instagram

Rider Height/Weight: 6’ (183cm) / 165 lb. (74.8 kg) – Suited with all gear

Bike Specs:

Bike Weight: 515 lb. (233.6 kg) – As raced at the event

Engine: Stock with XDA Approved Super Stock Camshafts and Brock’s Clutch Conversion Kit: 212 RWHP/120.97 ft-lbs. (SAE Scale using VP MR12 Fuel)

See Dyno Chart As Raced: (Click Here)

Exhaust System: Brock’s Performance Full Titanium CT-Meg™ Carbon Fiber Tipped Megaphone – P/N: 393875

Fuel Injection Control: Dynojet PCV with Brock’s Performance Track Map – P/N: 932411

ECU Flash: Brock’s Performance BT Moto Drag Flash (1-1 Throttle Mapping) – P/N: 924775

Camshafts: Brock’s Performance Super Stock Camshaft Set (XDA Approved) – P/N: 474355

Air Filter: Sprint Filter P08 F1-85 – P/N: 403039

Velocity Stacks: BT Moto Velocity Stack Kit – P/N: 924723

Emissions: Brock’s Performance PAIR Block Off Plates – P/N: 280182

Wheel Bearings: Worldwide Ceramic Bearings – P/N: 130183

Seat: Custom ‘Stepped’ Drag Seat

Gearing on 8.92/159.46 MPH Pass: 

Chain: EK 530Z3D 120 Link (O-rings removed by hand)

Clutch Modifications: Brock’s Performance Clutch Conversion Kit w/ Ultra Mod – P/N: 474148

Lowering Links: Brock’s Performance Window Links – P/N: 240265

Front End: Brock’s Performance Radial Mount Front End Lowering Kit (Radial Mount Brackets, Strap End Kit, Strap) with HTP Lowered Bar Mount Handlebar Assembly (Forks Raised 1.08”) P/N: 930165 and 240515

Kickstand: Billet Adjustable BrockSTAND (Track Style) – P/N: 962751

Oil: Alisyn <<0 Weight Fully Synthetic – P/N: 790193

Oil Additive: Petron Plus – P/N: 790154

Coolant: Redline WaterWetter Super Coolant

Mirror Block Offs: Brock’s Performance Carbon Fiber – P/N: 903769

Brake Pads: OEM Suzuki (Chamfered)

Swingarm: OEM Suzuki

Shock: OEM Suzuki

Steering Damper:  Brock’s Steering Damper by Bitubo

Wheels: OEM Suzuki

Front Tire: Stock Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 120/70ZR17M/C (36 PSI)

Rear Tire: Dunlop Q4 190/50ZR17M/C (40 PSI at MIR)

Wheelbase: Stock

Quick Shifter: HM Plus Quickshifter

Battery: Antigravity ATZ-10 Lithium

Chris Moore riding Brock's Performance ‘Black Beauty’ Generation 3 Suzuki Hayabusa

A Personal Note from Brock

Hello All,

I hope you are enjoying watching Black Beauty turn from Stock…to Brock!

I believe we had a respectable showing for our first race outing with Black Beauty.

Chris Moore did an excellent job of riding a bike he had never seen before, as well as helping iron out some “new bike blues” and helping with chassis adjustments, settings, etc. He is very talented and I was humbled when he agreed to ride the bike at such a large event with little to no advanced notice after my “special guest” rider had a conflicting issue with his work schedule.

We qualified a solid #7 in a tough field of 25 bikes. Unfortunately, the front end tried to wash out in the second round of eliminations, ending our debut early. Chris stayed in the gas the best he could, but we lost by 33 thousandths of a second to eventual race runner-up Caleb Holt. Chris had him covered on the front half of the track, but lost MPH as a result of damn near crashing my bike! Check out the 2nd Round Eliminations Time Ticket for reference.

Time Slips - ‘Black Beauty’ Generation 3 Suzuki Hayabusa

For those who don’t know, I personally petitioned the XDA rules committee to allow Homologation of Gen 2 Busa camshafts in an attempt to permit the Generation 3 Busa to be able to compete in a class dominated by ZX-14Rs. Unfortunately, the Gen 3 Hayabusa had to pass very strict Euro5 as well as California emissions standards, which meant it had to be equipped with “emissions-friendly” camshafts that neutered its race potential. In my letter to the XDA, I made this statement:

To be clear, this modification was designed and thoroughly tested to allow the Gen 3 Hayabusa to compete fairly against the ZX-14R… NOT to gain a competitive advantage over it.

Which is exactly what the Busa needed to compete against the mighty ZX-14R with its 100cc displacement advantage. A brief history of the SS Class – When it started in 2020, the 1000 cc machines were the bike of choice, by the following race season, a staggering 50% of the racers switched to the ZX-14R. Even Chris Moore, who OWNS a Suzuki Dealership was forced to ride a ZX-14R as Suzuki simply did not have a suitable bike to allow him to be competitive in a class dominated by smaller, lighter riders.

Dyno Chart - ‘Black Beauty’ Generation 3 Suzuki Hayabusa

Up until the first race of 2024, there were only three ZX-14Rs EVER to break 160 MPH in an official XDA competition. None had ever seen 161 MPH. As our time tickets show, Chris was able to reach 160 MPH multiple times at the first race… as I said, we simply want the G3 Busa to have a fighting chance to win. From here on out, it will be up to the best rider to win, AND we brought back the Suzuki vs. Kawasaki brand rivalry in a class that had all but abandoned it.

We are not finished with this bike. As set up above, it is terribly difficult to ride consistently quick/fast. The cure for this is more tuning runs and additional adjustments. Until this is possible, we won’t be attending any more XDA races. We come to WIN…not just to have a “solid” race weekend.

Chris Moore riding Brock's Performance ‘Black Beauty’ Generation 3 Suzuki Hayabusa

We will keep you posted as to when our next race will be with “Black Beauty.” Until then, keep an eye on Brock’s Performance Super Stock team rider, Patrick Cooper (bike #1992). He is committed to racing the series in 2022, and all information that we find increases performance makes it directly to his bike. He struggled at the first race of 24, also, but has recently recovered, and WOW (!!) does his bike fly!

I would also like to thank Brock’s Performance employee and friend, Mark Shively, as he has been instrumental in helping Black Beauty as well as Patrick Cooper’s bike #StupidFast

Until next time, I’m Brock from Brock’s Performance – we will see you then.

Brock Davidson Signature 2020