AHRMA Racer: Bike Changes To Gain Four Seconds A Lap

AHRMA Racer: Bike Changes To Gain Four Seconds A Lap
Brian Smith’s garage was the scene of major work…with great results

By Nick Ienatsch
Video by thesbimage.com

Nick’s Note: In 2016, Brian Smith, then 57 years old, got his feet wet with a few AHRMA races on his Paul Smart Replica Ducati built by Moto Corse Performance. The addiction sunk deep and the lifelong motorsports tinkerer felt it was time to update his relatively stock machine. Here are Brian’s words to introduce the Paul Smart video… Oh yeah, that’s his Shelby in the lead shot too, just so you know he’s one of us: a motorhead!

Brian’s Words: At the risk of being cliché, this has been a labor of love. I got a chance to work with world champions, national champions, and some of the best builders in the industry on this project, so it’s been quite a fun dream.

The bike was never out of service for more than a few weeks which made it available for every race or event I chose to attend, and that is key, in my opinion. Too often I hear of or see projects in long phases of completion, and considering the pace of technology, that approach will net you a new, out-of-date machine that has little chance of being competitive. For me, that would be a waste.

I built this bike for a current, specific class in a series I could compete in…AHRMA, Battle of the Twins, sort of an unlimited air-cooled twins class. I made sure I chose a competitive machine, selected the best people to build it, and most of all, had the funds in place to complete it in a timely fashion. This logic ensured that I wouldn’t wind up with a dust-covered heap in the corner of the garage. I wanted to get going and do it quickly, so I could tell stories of how I did it rather than how it might have been. That said, I couldn’t have done this without the key component, and that is the inspiration of others. So a huge shout-out to those listed and many more for allowing me to live this dream.

Karyn Smith, best partner in the world
Nick Ienatsch, YCRS, Cycle World, mentor, race team partner, coach, lifelong friend
Rob Cichielo, N2, race team partner, crime partner
Chris Boy, Motor Corse Performance, tuner, all-around good guy
Phil Seiberlich, world champion engine builder, tuner
Ray and Sarah Bradlau, amazing photographer, videographer, editor
Brock Davidson, Brock’s Performance
Todd Sager, AWE Tuning
Ron Mangus, AWE Tuning
Patrizio Domenis, ESSE Motorsport
Eraldo Ferracci, Fast By Ferracci, tuner
Bob Robbins, facilitator, friend
Nate Kern, coach, friend
All of the Moto Corse, YCRS, and N2 crews
Family, friends, and many more
Thank you all.

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