All Brock’s Performance Final at the 2022 Blown Alcohol All-Stars

WA Drag Racing Championship Series

2022 Blown Alcohol All-Stars

It was an all Brock’s Performance final at Round 3 of the WA Drag Racing Championship Series event, Blown Alcohol All-Stars.  The program featured Sportsman racers trying to get an edge on the championship points chase.

A few weeks back Ross Smith on his Brock’s equipped Suzuki Hayabusa won the Goldenstates event over Daniel Natalotto’s Brock-equipped Kawasaki ZX-10R. Both bikes are equipped with Brock’s Performance exhaust systems, Smith sporting a 4-2-1 Sidewinder, and Natalotto a Penta-Carbon.

Daniel Natalotto

Daniel Natalotto

Now, these two Stupid Fast motorcycles were facing off once again in the Competition Bike class.

After both riders won three rounds, they were back under the lights for a deja vu final round. This time Natalotto took home the trophy with a win over Smith.


2022 1126 pert compbike q

Ross Smith

Ross Smith

2022 1126 pert compbike e

2021 Penta Carbon Black Green Endcap

The Brock’s Performance Penta-Carbon™ stainless steel full exhaust system is designed to be customized to your specifications. The heart of this customization is a beautiful five-sided carbon fiber endcap produced exclusively for Brock’s Performance by world-renowned carbon composite specialists Blackstone Tek (BST). Not only is the carbon cap available in gloss or matte finishes, we have also expanded the offerings to match any available BST carbon fiber wheel custom ink colors, for a combination that is truly unique.

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About Blown Alcohol All-Stars

With more and more Supercharged Alcohol burning cars emerging from the garages in WA we have decided to showcase these awesome 5 second machine in their own Blown Alcohol All Stars Bracket.
The Bracket will consist of Dragsters, Funny Cars and Altereds all going all out on a No Handicap (Heads Up) Pro Tree.
This will be no holds barred, first the end wins style of racing leaving no margin for error as they are are all so evenly matched.

With over 130 teams across all Brackets expected to face the starter at this event it will be full on from the start.

Plus all the show and go from all the Sportsman Brackets that includes all your favourite Bikes and Cars that make up this exciting sport with a non stop day and night of exciting Drag Racing action.

WA Championship Categories running at this event include:

  • Trophy Specialists – Top Comp
  • Fridays – Comp Bike
  • Specialized Towing – Supercharged Outlaws
  • Trophy Specialists – Top Sportsman
  • Trophy Specialists – Modified
  • Enviro Exhaust – Super Sedan
  • Perth Harley – Modified Bike
  • WA Suspensions – Super Street
  • Enviro Exhaust – Junior Dragster
  • Specialized Sweeping – Outlaw Radial