Bikes Wanted

Brock’s Performance wants YOUR BIKE!

As much as the staff here at Brock’s Performance would like to own every conceivable high-performance motorcycle ever produced, it simply isn’t practical. Occasionally, we need bikes for many things including:

  • Develop and Test New Products
  • Create Maps and Dyno Comparisons
  • Perform Power Testing
  • Check and Confirm Fitment
  • Take Photos for our Website

If you live within a 250-mile radius of Dayton, Ohio, and own one of the bikes listed in the drop-down list below (and don’t mind loaning us your pride and joy for a while), then we will hook you up with free Brock’s Performance stuff! Depending on the scale of the project it could be anything from shirts and stickers to a complete exhaust system for your bike. You may be asked to leave the bike with us for as long as 4 weeks or as little as half a day. Either way, when your bike leaves our facility, it will be tuned to your combination to the best of our ability utilizing our vast knowledge and state-of-the-art dyno facility.