Blast Off with the World’s First Hybrid Rocket-Powered Exhaust by Brock’s Performance

In an extraordinary fusion of terrestrial speed and celestial ambition, Brock’s Performance wants to shatter traditional engineering boundaries, merging the raw power of motorsports with the cutting-edge advancements of aerospace technology. 

Brock's Hybrid Rocket System

And he is bringing YOU along for the exhilarating journey. With each groundbreaking project Brock has embarked on, the invaluable feedback from our customers has always left him yearning for real-time insights during the project’s development phase. Determined to bridge this gap, Brock is committed to documenting the entire process through an engaging video series on our YouTube channel. By actively engaging with feedback from the comments section, he aims to harness collective wisdom to inform pivotal decisions for the subsequent stages of the project.

Brock's Hybrid Rocket SystemIn this ambitious endeavor, YOU will play a vital role in transforming this concept into reality. It’s a pioneering initiative unprecedented in the aftermarket industry. Prepare to witness history in the making, as we redefine boundaries and set new standards in every aspect!

Project Purpose

Utilizing advanced, definitely-not-made-up rocket technology, this exhaust system promises to boost your motorcycle’s power beyond any terrestrial limits. Just imagine hitting the open road and then leaving it entirely as you soar into the stratosphere of speed!

Drag Racing Dream: For our drag racing enthusiasts, the Hybrid Rocket-Powered Exhaust won’t just be a game changer; it will be a game ender. Picture this: the light turns green, you twist the throttle, and whoosh – you’re already at the finish line, probably before the race even started.

Breaking Barriers: With this system, you’re not just breaking speed records; you’re shattering the very concept of what a motorcycle can do. Want to do a coast-to-coast trip in under an hour? Why not? The Hybrid Rocket-Powered Exhaust will laugh in the face of distance.

Design That Defies Gravity: The Hybrid Rocket-Powered Exhaust is a masterpiece of fictional engineering. With its sleek, aerodynamic design, it looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi epic. Imagine an exhaust pipe with the elegance of a classic motorcycle exhaust, but with the flair of a rocket booster. It’s designed to make your bike not only the fastest on the road but also the coolest.

Is it science? Is it magic? No, it’s Brock’s Performance, taking ‘riding like the wind’ to a whole new, literally rocket-fueled level!

Brock's Hybrid Rocket System

The Concept

At the heart of this innovative plan lies the age-old concept of forced induction, a method historically used to augment engine power and efficiency. By masterfully enhancing this technique, Brock’s Performance has set a new benchmark in motorcycle engineering.

The seeds for this remarkable endeavor were sown during Brock Davidson’s participation in a 2021 SpaceX project, which granted him unique insights into rocketry and propulsion. Davidson’s journey from SpaceX’s launchpads to the racetrack has been nothing short of a technological odyssey. The pièce de résistance of this venture will be retrofitting a turbocharger with a rocket booster salvaged from a decommissioned SpaceX rocket.

This audacious blend of a high-performance turbo system with the raw thrust of a space rocket booster represents an unprecedented leap in automotive engineering, promising to redefine what’s possible in high-speed propulsion.

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Does this sound too good to be true? Well, buckle up because you are going to help us transform the motorcycle experience from zero to warp speed in a heartbeat!

Scaling Down a Rocket

Transitioning from the grandeur of rocket science to the more intimate scale of motorcycle engineering, we are faced with the formidable task of distilling the essence of a SpaceX rocket booster into a form small enough to fit onto a two-wheeler.

This venture is not merely about size reduction; it was about reimagining power in a completely new context.

Davidson’s brainchild, a hybrid system, is the emerging solution. At its core lay a compact oxidizer tank, paired with meticulously engineered fuel grains, reminiscent of those used in rocket boosters. This system was designed to generate a controlled yet potent thrust, catapulting the motorcycle to unprecedented speeds. The oxidizer, crucial for fuel combustion in the absence of atmospheric oxygen, worked in tandem with the fuel grains to create a burst of power, propelling the motorcycle with a force that bordered on the realm of science fiction.

The graphics below represent the complex simulation system for a liquid rocket engine and how Brock plans to scale it down simply by using a hybrid system.

Brock's Hybrid Rocket System

However, integrating such a powerhouse into a motorcycle is not without challenges. The foremost is ensuring safety and stability – a motorcycle, unlike a rocket, has to maintain balance and control at extreme speeds. Davidson has already employed cutting-edge materials and innovative design principles to counter these challenges.

Advanced stabilization systems and heat-resistant shielding will be incorporated, ensuring that this fusion of rocket science and motorcycle engineering remain not just a fantastical concept, but a tangible, exhilarating reality.

Making it Lightweight

In the world of high-speed motorcycling, every ounce matters. The addition of a hybrid rocket system to a motorcycle poses a significant challenge in terms of weight management. To address this, Brock Davidson of course turned to a material synonymous with high-performance engineering: Carbon Fiber. Known for its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, carbon fiber was the ideal candidate for crafting a lightweight yet robust exhaust system.

The use of BST Carbon Fiber in the exhaust is a necessity. The hybrid rocket system will generate immense heat and force, requiring materials that could withstand these extreme conditions without adding significant weight. Carbon fiber, with its high thermal resistance and minimal mass, fits the bill perfectly. This innovative approach not only reduced the overall weight of the motorcycle but also maintained the structural integrity essential for handling the immense power of the rocket booster.Brock's Hybrid Rocket System

Integrating carbon fiber into the exhaust system is a complex endeavor. The material had to be molded and shaped to align perfectly with the contours of the motorcycle, ensuring aerodynamic efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Davidson’s team faces numerous challenges in this integration, from ensuring the durability of the exhaust under high-speed conditions to maintaining optimal airflow for the rocket system. Through a combination of advanced proprietary engineering techniques and relentless testing, we are already finding success in creating an exhaust system that has function while being visually striking.

Fueling Fantasy

In a bold move towards sustainability, our rocket exhaust is powered by an entirely fictional, yet environmentally impeccable fuel blend. Yes, you read that right – we’re blazing trails at warp speed while nurturing Mother Earth!

Our visionary team has delved into the realms of imagination, and Brock, our resident dreamer, is convinced that harnessing the power of hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizer for our Hybrid Rocket will propel us to celestial heights. While hydrogen peroxide typically flows as a liquid, we’re flipping the script by incorporating it into solid rocket motor grains. Behold the wonders of HTP (High Test Peroxide) class, a tried-and-true concept that’s been on the backburner for ages.

Brock's Hybrid Rocket System

But wait, there’s more! Thanks to the advent of cutting-edge HTP grades boasting sky-high purity and concentration levels, we’re not just talking about performance – we’re talking about next-level safety and storability. Picture this: HTP stealing the spotlight as the go-to oxidizer for bipropellant and hybrid propulsion systems, not to mention its star turn as a monopropellant.

What’s driving this cosmic revolution, you ask? It’s the collective global effort to propel green propulsion to the forefront of space exploration. And guess what? We’re leading the charge by showcasing the theoretical prowess of solid rocket motors packed with HTP-infused solid grains.

Brock's Hybrid Rocket System

And with this green performance, we’re not just shrinking our carbon footprint – we’re sending a resounding message to the Karens of Washington and beyond! Gone are the days of joyless meddling in the lives of blissful motorsport enthusiasts. With every eco-friendly rev of our engines, we’re silencing the naysayers and proving that happiness and sustainability can coexist in perfect harmony. So here’s to leaving the Karens in the dust and paving the way for a future where fun and environmental responsibility go hand in hand!”


With this system, we don’t want to just break speed records; we want you to help us shatter the very concept of what a motorcycle can do. Want to do a coast-to-coast trip in under an hour? Why not? Our #StupidFast Rocket-Powered Exhaust will laugh in the face of distance.

We thrive on collaboration, and your input is essential to our collective success!

Here’s what we need from you: Feedback.

Our dedicated team eagerly awaits your insights on the features we’ve outlined. Dive into our virtual war room to explore the comprehensive list of ideas already on the board, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on anything we may have overlooked.

Explore our cutting-edge goals for features and benefits outlined below, and then take the next step to become an integral part of this groundbreaking project poised to revolutionize motorsports and redefine the very essence of hybrid technology.

As you peruse our visionary objectives, envision yourself contributing to a venture that transcends traditional boundaries and ushers in a new era of innovation. Embrace the opportunity to join forces with us on this transformative journey by completing the form located at the bottom of this article. Together, let’s reshape the landscape of motorsports and imbue the word ‘hybrid’ with newfound significance.

Proposed Features

Futuristic Design: The rocket exhaust boasts a sleek, aerodynamic design that looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi blockbuster. With its polished chrome and carbon fiber finish and neon accents, your bike will not only be the fastest on the street but also the most eye-catching.

Afterburner Speed Boosts: At the push of a button, engage mythical afterburners for an instant, unreal surge in speed. It’s like having a nitro boost, but with more fire and noise!

Brock's Hybrid Rocket System

Space-Age Sound Effects: Our engineers have worked tirelessly to create an exhaust note that sounds just like a rocket launch. It’s loud, it’s proud, and it’s guaranteed to turn heads (and maybe cause a few startled jumps!).

Interstellar Illumination: LED lights that mimic the glow of rocket engines add to the spectacle. It’s not just about speed; it’s about making an entrance (or an exit) that no one will ever forget.

Safety Features (Because We Care): While we’re all about fun, we’ve also included some fictional safety features like heat-resistant shields and an emergency ‘slow down’ button, because even in our wildest dreams, we want you to stay safe (and firmly on the ground).

Brock's Hybrid Rocket System

Heat-Resistant Space Materials: Crafted from the same materials used in real rockets (or so we’d like to claim), this exhaust system is built to withstand extreme temperatures – perfect for those who like their rides as hot as a comet.

HUD Helmet: Already in the works is a “Future-Forward Folly” HUD helmet, complete with a self-driving visor that’s set to revolutionize the way you see the world – quite literally! This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill helmet; it’s a game-changer, a must-have accessory for rookies and seasoned pros alike.

Picture this: you slip on the helmet and before you know it, you’re hurtling down the track at breakneck speed. But here’s the kicker – as the adrenaline kicks in and the sonic boom reverberates around you, your visor springs into action, seamlessly navigating the terrain ahead with the precision of a seasoned pro.

Whether you’re navigating treacherous terrain or simply cruising the open road, trust in the cutting-edge technology of our visor to keep you protected and informed every step of the way.

Brock's Hybrid Rocket System

This isn’t conceptual – it’s the real deal, already in production and gearing up to hit the market with a planned retail cost of $8,950.00.

Join Now

Help us ensure that our rocket exhaust provides an experience that’s as ludicrous as it is exhilarating. After all, who needs reality when you can have a blast with fantasy?

  • Unmatched Speed: Perfect for winning every drag race, imaginary or otherwise.
  • Sonic Booms On-Demand: Because who doesn’t like a good shockwave now and then?
  • Space Travel on a Budget: Forget expensive rocket ships; explore the cosmos from your bike!
  • Instant Celebrity Status: Become the talk of the town (or the universe) with this revolutionary exhaust system.

Your perspective is invaluable in shaping the final product, so seize this opportunity to make your mark on our journey toward excellence. Together, let’s ensure that our rocket exhaust provides an experience that’s as ludicrous as it is exhilarating. After all, who needs reality when you can have a blast with fantasy?

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Brock's Hybrid Rocket System