Brock Makes the Hayabusa Gen 3 Stupid Fast

So how does Brock feel about the “New Busa”? As a performance enthusiast, he candidly admits that initially, he wasn’t particularly fond of the machine’s arrival. However, tireless product development, an infusion of dedication, and sheer determination has transformed his perspective.

Super Stock Camshaft Set – Hayabusa Gen 3

Unveiling the XDA Approved Brock’s Performance Super Stock Camshaft Set—an unparalleled upgrade meticulously tailored for enthusiasts seeking peak performance from their Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 3. Elevating your riding experience, our cam sets embody a harmonious fusion of precision, quality, and reliability, drawing on the excellence of OEM standards.

Distinguished by a commitment to excellence, each component within the Super Stock Camshaft Set reflects a dedication to maintaining the integrity of the original equipment. This not only ensures optimal compatibility with the Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 3 but also guarantees a seamless integration into the heart of your motorcycle’s engine.

The emphasis on OEM precision signifies that our camshaft set is engineered with meticulous attention to detail, mirroring the exacting standards set by Suzuki. This level of precision is not just a testament to our dedication to quality; it is a promise to riders that their Hayabusa Gen 3 will benefit from optimized valve timing, resulting in a substantial enhancement in overall engine performance. Camshaft upgrades can significantly improve engine performance by optimizing valve timing and enhancing power delivery.

In essence, the Brock’s Performance Super Stock Camshaft Set is not just an upgrade; it is a testament to the pursuit of excellence in motorcycle performance. Elevate your Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 3 to new heights with a camshaft set that embodies the perfect synthesis of innovation, precision, and reliability.

Super Stock Camshaft Set Hayabusa Gen 3

Upgrade your Gen 3 Suzuki Hayabusa to achieve peak performance with the Brock’s Performance Super Stock Camshaft Set.

The uniqueness of each Super Stock Camshaft is etched onto it using laser marking. This unique serialization allows for lifetime traceability through our industry-leading warehouse management system – a feature we’ve been providing since 2008 for products like our renowned BST wheels.

We don’t just sell; we verify. Every Super Stock Camshaft Set’s OEM Cam Timing is confirmed in-house using our specially designed cam timing fixtures. This ensures that what you receive is nothing but the best.

Super Stock Camshaft Set Hayabusa Gen 3

Lastly, we’ve simplified the installation process. Our creative team has developed a comprehensive, step-by-step video guide to aid any DIY racer, engine builder, or local wrench in installing these cams. With our instructional video above, the installation process is no more complex than performing a valve adjustment.


  • Camshaft set meets XDA Racing’s Super Stock Homologation criteria for the 2024 race season.
  • OEM precision, quality, and reliability
  • Readily available
  • Individually laser-marked and serialized for traceability
  • Verified Gen 3 OEM cam timing before shipment
  • Easy installation process with a step-by-step video guide available

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The Best Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 3 Performance Products

About the Suzuki Hayabusa Gen3

The Suzuki Hayabusa remains firmly in place as motorcycling’s Ultimate Sportbike. Suzuki’s flagship sportbike continues to be propelled by a muscular, refined inline four-cylinder engine housed in a proven, yet modernized chassis with incomparable manners, managed by an unequaled suite of electronic rider aids within stunning aerodynamic bodywork that is distinctly Hayabusa.

Riders who have owned or longed for a Hayabusa will recognize the iconic, aerodynamic silhouette that has been polished through wind tunnel sessions so the body features vent shapes, air diffusers, and reimagined logos while a sophisticated LED lighting system becomes the zenith of style and function.

The torque-rich 1,340cc engine effortlessly delivers a strong wave of power so the Hayabusa accelerates quicker and smoother than ever before, while complying with worldwide emissions standards.  Rider control is unmatched because of Hayabusa’s Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.). The engine’s adjustable power delivery, traction control*, cruise control, launch control, quick shift, Motion Track ABS**, and Combined Brake systems offer the Hayabusa rider unmatched options on how they want their ride to unfold.

This third-generation Hayabusa retains the original’s focus of delivering the ultimate and balanced sportbike experience. All eyes turn to the Suzuki Hayabusa as it remains a testament to Suzuki’s century of dedication to creating art while building the best-performing product unmatched in quality, reliability, and value. The Hayabusa, like its namesake peregrine falcon, continues to soar above all. Learn more at