Brock’s Backed Super Stock Rider Mike Davis Wins XDA

Mike Davis

Brock’s Backed Super Stock Rider Mike Davis Wins XDA

Mike Davis has been in more HTP Performance Super Stock finals as a runner-up finalist than we can count. But this past weekend, he finally got the monkey off his back and finished with a win! Davis, aboard his Kawasaki ZX-14, won four rounds to land in the final opposite of Tim Cottrell, who was also aboard a Kawasaki ZX-14. Super Stock is the only class dominated by Kawasaki motorcycles.

In the final, Davis cut one of his best weekend lights with a .113 for the starting line advantage. As the pair took off for the finish line, they both fought to keep the front wheel down. Cottrell caught Davis by the 1000’ mark, and they were side-by-side to the finish line, where Davis pulled off the win by running an 8.992 to Cottrell’s 9.001. It was a close one, but you could hear Davis’s team celebrating at the starting line from the end of the track!

Mike’s Super Stock is Equipped with the following #StupidFast Products:

Mike Davis

What is Motorcycle Super Stock?

Super Stock motorcycle racing refers to a motorcycle racing category involving production-based motorcycles with limited modifications. The term “superstock” is used to indicate that the bikes are very close to their stock, off-the-showroom-floor versions, with some safety and performance upgrades allowed.

The key characteristics of superstock motorcycle racing include:

  1. Production-based motorcycles: The bikes used in superstock racing are typically mass-produced models that are available to the public. Manufacturers often develop special editions of certain models to enhance their competitiveness in racing.
  2. Limited modifications: Unlike other racing classes where extensive modifications are permitted, superstock racing imposes strict limitations on the changes that can be made to the bikes. The goal is to keep the competition close and showcase the capabilities of the stock motorcycles.
  3. Safety upgrades: Although the modifications are limited, certain safety upgrades are allowed to ensure the riders’ well-being during the races. This can include the addition of safety wire, upgraded brakes, and suspension adjustments.
  4. Competitive racing: Super Stock races are highly competitive, with riders pushing the limits of both their skills and the motorcycles’ capabilities. The close similarity in performance between the bikes often leads to exciting and closely contested races.
  5. Different classes: Super Stock racing may have various classes based on engine displacement or rider experience levels. Each class will have specific rules and regulations tailored to the bikes and riders in that category.

It’s important to note that super stock racing rules and specific details can vary depending on the racing series or organization hosting the events.

Click here to learn more about XDA Super Stock rules.

2023 XDA Schedule

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