Brock’s Equipped Drag Racers win XDA 2024 Season Opener

XDA – Xtreme Motorcycle Drag Racing Association
30th annual Platinum General Services
Maryland International Raceway
April 19-21, 2024

Brock’s Equipped Drag Racers win XDA 2024 Season Opener

Victory alert! Brock’s Performance riders dominate the XDA 2024 Season Opener, fueled by the winning combination of BST Carbon Fiber Wheels and our high-performance exhaust systems. From start to finish, our riders showcased unrivaled speed and power, leaving the competition in the dust.

When precision engineering meets cutting-edge technology, victory is inevitable. Our BST Carbon Fiber Wheels provide the perfect balance of strength and agility, while our exhaust systems unleash the raw power needed to conquer the track.

Congratulations to our incredible riders for their outstanding performance and relentless determination.

DME Racing Real Street

Winner – David Fondon
Runner-up – Jason Iannotti

David Fondon won the race equipped with BST Carbon Fiber Wheels.

The DME Racing Real Street class carved out its own chapter of milestones, birthing a saga of new talent and dramatic upsets.

Qualifying sessions unfurled with the reigning champion, Rickey Gadson, taking the number-one spot with a 7.440. Naturally, the crowd was whipped into a frenzy as Gadson not only lived up to the expectations but exceeded them by clicking off a monumental 200+ MPH run, the first in Real Street history, with a 201.79 MPH. The feat remains unofficial, though, as his subsequent passes didn’t back up the record.

Jason Iannotti, having qualified at the lower echelon of the ladder with a 10.720, demonstrated the power of perseverance. He ousted the defending champion Gadson in round one, overpowered Caleb Holt, and cruised past a semi-final bye, catapulting himself into the final round.

David Fondon

David Fondon

Parallel to this narrative, David Fondon, the number two qualifier with a commanding 7.519 aboard his HTP Performance Suzuki, made his presence felt. Dispatching Ty Isaac, Drae Taylor, and former class champion David Stewart, Fondon was resolute on his path to the finals.

Anticipation reached its peak as Iannotti and Fondon stood on the brink of potentially securing their first DME Racing Real Street victory. As they rolled up to the water box, spectators braced themselves for an electrifying showdown.

The air was thick with anticipation as this match alone would guarantee we would have a new crowned winner at the end. When the lights dropped, Fondon leapt off the line and grabbed the advantage with a razor-sharp .022 reaction time to Iannotti’s .150. It was a head-to-head sprint, with Iannotti giving chase, thundering down the strip in a valiant bid to overturn the lead. In the end, Fondon’s early advantage held firm, and he stormed across the finish line with a victorious 7.469 over Iannotti’s hard-fought 7.535. The drama is bound to follow at the MTC Summer Nationals at Virginia Motorsports Park, May 17-19.

MaxxECU Pro Xtreme

Winner – Dale Leeks
Runner-up – Rob Garcia

Dale Leeks won the race equipped with a BST Carbon Fiber Wheels.

The MaxxECU Pro Xtreme 1/8 mile heads-up class is experiencing an international invasion with attendance from two riders from Canada, Jean Gosselin and Gerry Hunt, along with Dale Leeks from the United Kingdom.

The battle for supremacy was intense from the get-go, with George Whitaker clinching the number one qualifying spot with a 4.072, narrowly shadowed by Gosselin’s 4.079. Despite earning a bye in the first round due to his top qualifying position, Whitaker didn’t hold back, setting the stage ablaze with a staggering 4.042.

Joining Whitaker as first-round victors were reigning champion Chris Cutsinger, the UK’s Dale Leeks, Rob Garcia, and John Collins, each demonstrating their prowess and staking their claim for the title.

Dale Leeks

Dale Leeks

However, the second round was met with a mix of anticipation and disappointment. The withdrawal of both Collins and Whitaker due to mechanical woes, along with Cutsinger’s earned bye, resulted in an unusual quiet before the storm of the semi-finals.

In the third round UK’s Leeks smoothly sailed into the finals with an earned bye, setting his sights on the ultimate prize. The other spot was fiercely contested by Rob Garcia and Chris Cutsinger, in a clash that had the spectators on the edge of their seats. Garcia, quick off the line with a .049 reaction time, went side-by-side with Cutsinger down the strip. In a display of raw speed and steely nerves, Garcia edged out with a 4.17 victory, a mere whisker ahead of Cutsinger’s 4.195, securing his place in the finals and capping off an electrifying round of eliminations.

Leeks and Garcia were evenly matched in power and precision, making predictions all but impossible. As the lights flashed, Garcia snatched the starting line advantage with a .028 reaction time. Despite Garcia’s aggressive launch, his bike faltered in power output and Leeks tore down the strip, executing a near-perfect straight pass and stopping the clocks at 4.013 to Garcia’s trailing 4.441, claiming victory in a decisive, adrenaline-fueled finale.

HTP Performance Super Stock

Winner – Jeremy Teasley
Runner-up – Caleb Holt

Jeremy Teasley won the race  equipped with a Brock’s Performance Penta-Carbon exhaust system.

The HTP Performance Super Stock class was a battleground of precision riding skills. Darion Payne secured the number one qualifying spot with an 8.769 and a first-round bye. Yet, the tides of racing can turn quickly, and Payne was outpaced in the second round by Jamie Lopes.

Since the class’s birth in 2020, the Kawasaki ZX-14 has risen as the steed of choice, its presence on the track growing ever more dominant. This year, however, witnessed a spirited resurgence of Suzuki models making their mark early on. However all the Suzuki riders were out before the third round, setting the stage for a ZX-14 showdown once again.

Jeremy Teasley

Jeremy Teasley

Jeremy Teasley etched a path of consistent victories, besting competitors Dennis Iannnotti, Tim Cottrell, and Jimmy Leach to stake his claim in the finals. Meanwhile, Caleb Holt carved his own route to the decisive round, claiming wins against Mike Geer, Chris Moore, Jamie Lopes, and Mike Davis, proving himself a formidable force.

The final round was a showcase of skill, particularly off the line, in this hand-clutch class. Holt, with a swift .078, and Teasley, close behind with a .095, showcased their quick-draw capabilities. Despite Holt’s lead at the start, his performance deviated from the norm, clocking an ET of 10.235. This deviation left an opening that Teasley exploited, powering through to take the win with an 8.919 pass.

All Motor Bulls

Winner – David Fondon / Bad B*tch
Runner-up – Curtis McDougald / Carbonator

David Fondon won the race equipped with BST Carbon Fiber Wheels.

David Fondon, rolling deep on ‘Bad Bitch,’ is the reigning king of the XDA All Motor Bulls, and he’s the main target everyone’s gunning for in this class. Curtis McDougald, steering the ‘Carbonator,’ stepped up to throw down, powering through three intense rounds to go head-to-head with Fondon in the final round.

David Fondon

David Fondon

When the lights went live, Fondon blasted off the line like a beast unleashed, leaving McDougald hustling hard to catch up. But Fondon was all gas, no brakes, hitting the eighth-mile marker in a flash and clinching another win. That’s how the boss does it—running the game and schooling the competition on how a bad bitch gets it done.

1 Stop Speed 5.60

Winner – Rico Brown
Runner-up – Brice Cornish Jr.

Rico Brown won the race equipped with a Brock’s Performance Sidewinder exhaust system.

Jim Mauro and Harvey Hubbard both ran dead on 5.60 in 1 Stop Speed 5.60 qualifying. Mauro received the top spot due to a faster MPH.

On race day two contenders emerged to meet in the final. Brice Cornish Jr. has only entered 1 Stop Speed 5.60 a handful of times over the last few years, but he managed to win five tough rounds of eight-mile competition to see his first final in the class.

Rico Brown

Rico Brown

Rico Brown is a class staple, but he hasn’t won since the FuelTech Superbike Showdown in 2022. Both Cornish and Brown showed incredible reaction times in their five rounds, slaughtering the competition before meeting in the final.

And while both competitors were hungry for battle, there would be no exciting racing action as Cornish turned on the dreaded red light to hand the win to Brown before the race even started.

Brock’s Performance Street ET

Winner – Russell Dennison Jr
Runner-up – Maurice Michie

The Brock’s Performance Street ET class kicked off the season with a formidable field of seventy-eight racers, all vying for an early advantage in the championship race. Among them, Russell Dennison Jr. and Maurice Michie showcased exceptional skill, unwavering consistency, and nerves of steel as they navigated through five intense rounds, setting the stage for a thrilling final showdown on Sunday night.

Russell Dennison

Russell Dennison

Heading into the final, Dennison dialed in at 8.70, while Michie targeted a 9.25. With Michie launching first with an impressive .088 reaction time, Dennison responded swiftly with a razor-sharp .067 reaction. As Dennison pursued Michie down the track, he steadily closed the distance, ultimately surging past Michie and crossing the finish line with a fourteen-foot lead. Dennison’s victorious run was clocked at 8.718, outpacing Michie’s 9.319.

Dennison, who secured a fourth-place finish last season, now establishes an early triumph that places him in a favorable position for this season’s points chase.

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