Brock’s Equipped Drag Racers win XDA 2023 Season Finale

XDA – Xtreme Dragbike Association
31st annual DME Racing Fall Nationals
Maryland International Raceway
Sept 29 – Oct 1, 2023

Brock’s Equipped Drag Racers win XDA Season Finale

XDA’s sixth season was a success, with fourteen champions crowned at the 31st annual DME Racing Fall Nationals at Maryland International Raceway.

This season showcased an electrifying display of speed and power with unmatched on-track action. XDA racers competed for over $450,000 in total payout, including a staggering $121,600 contingency offerings over the 2023 season.

XDA has released its 2024 motorcycle drag racing schedule featuring six events. The 2024 XDA season begins at the world-renowned Maryland International Raceway on April 19-21 for the Platinum General Services Spring Nationals. Mark your 2024 calendars now for the six events featuring the quickest and fastest sanction in the country! #RacewithXDA

April 19-21 / PFR Spring Nationals / MDIR
May 17-19 / MTC Engineering Summer Nationals / VMP
June 28-30 / Superbike Showdown / MDIR
July 26-28 / WPGC Bike Fest / MDIR
August 23-25 / FuelTech Bike Bash / VMP
October 4-6 / DME Racing Fall Nationals / MDIR

XDA Mark Blake Brocks Exhaust

Super Stock 

Mark Blake won the race and the championship equipped with a Brock’s Performance Penta-Carbon exhaust system.

It was a dream weekend for Mark Blake in HTP Performance Super Stock as he entered the season finale third in points and left with a win and the 2023 Championship!

Tim Cottrell came into the final second in points and qualified number one with an 8.871, but his hopes for the championship were dashed in round one when he went red against Blake Johnson.

Points leader Mike Davis picked the wrong event to have a bad weekend, qualifying sixth and running off his number to lose in round two to Mark Blake, ending his championship contention.

With Cottrell and Davis out, Blake simply had to make it to the final round to clinch the championship. In the semi-final, he took out Curtis McDougald’s 9.008 with an 8.876.

On the other side of the ladder, Brian Johnson took out Marcus Queen, his son Blake, and Jamie Lopes to meet Blake in the final.

In the final, Johnson cut a better .065 on Blake’s .213 reaction; luckily, Blake had the horsepower to make up for that with an 8.904 to Johnson’s slower 9.055. After this win, Blake also went on to win the Brock’s Performance Street ET class.

2021 Penta Carbon Black Green Endcap

The Brock’s Performance Penta-Carbon™ stainless steel full exhaust system is designed to be customized to your specifications. The heart of this customization is a beautiful five-sided carbon fiber endcap produced exclusively for Brock’s Performance by world-renowned carbon composite specialists Blackstone Tek (BST). Not only is the carbon cap available in gloss or matte finishes, we have also expanded the offerings to match any available BST carbon fiber wheel custom ink colors, for a combination that is truly unique.

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XDA Nick Christmas Brocks Exhaust

Pro ET

Nick Christmas won the race equipped with a Brock’s Performance Sidewinder exhaust system.

No championship battle was closer than MPS Racing Pro ET. Reigning class Champion Dustin Lee and 2018 class Champion Dale Hamilton both took wins this season, and both finished with 301 points for a tie, requiring the tiebreaker protocol to be enacted to determine the winner. The tiebreaker was ultimately determined by the rider that won the most rounds on the last day of the season to award the 2023 MPS Pro ET Championship to Lee with 301.1 points.

In weekend competition, Nick Christmas, who entered his first race of the XDA season, made his mark by turning on seven-win lights to make it to the final to take on Ronnie Reece Jr.

Reece had cut several double-O lights in previous rounds and won. The final would be no exception to him pushing the tree. However, for the final, Reece would push a little too hard and go in the wrong direction to turn on a -.005 red light, giving Christmas a gift before he even left on the tree. Congratulations to Christmas on his first XDA Winner’s Circle finish.

Sidewinder Exhaust System
Specifically designed for use without wheelie bars, Brock’s 4-into-2-into-1 sidewinder (the industry’s first) provides the most average power and torque with a megaphone-induced peak power punch. Unique configuration allows maximum performance from stock displacement to big cc engines. Years of knowledge, acquired from Brock himself professionally drag racing street bikes, are merged into a purpose-built side exit system.

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XDA Spencer Claycomb BST Carbon fiber Wheels

Monster Bulls Grudge

Spencer Claycomb won the race equipped with a BST Carbon Fiber Wheels.

Congratulations to Ken Alston on earning his first XDA Championship in 3 Sixty 5 Monster Bulls. He finished the season, leading the class by sixteen points.

The weekend competition was action-packed, 2022 class champion Spencer Claycomb had ‘One Trip’ on kill and was unbeatable every round as he made quick, straight eighth-mile passes round after round.

John James on ‘Dope Sick’ got lucky in round one when ‘Son of Sam’ piloted by Howard Gerken turned on a red light while James struggled on the starting line. The Narcan never took effect for James as he repeated the process every round and surprisingly made it to the final.

When he met Claycomb in the final, his luck ran out as ‘One Trip’ was fine-tuned to the track and took a quick win while James stumbled down his lane.

XDA Cody Lowe BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

DMV Bulls Grudge

Cody Lowe won the race equipped with a BST Carbon Fiber Wheels.

In Saturday’s competition Cody Lowe on ‘Lil Baby’ and Rickey Grayson on ‘Red Bull’ had the track figured out as they took three wins before meeting each other in the final. In the final, Lowe flew down the track while Grayson threw out sparks and sputtered off the starting line. This was Lowe’s first class win of the season.

XDA David Fondon BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

All Motor Bulls Grudge

David Fondon won the race and championship equipped with a BST Carbon Fiber Wheels.

David Fondon wrapped up another XDA season with Championship in All Motor Bulls with eighty-six-point lead over the class.

In Saturday night competition under the light, Fondon on ‘Bad Bitch’ and Jaques Gaskins on ‘Cranky’ had the best tune-ups in the class as their bikes stuck to the track and turned on the win lights every round.

In the final, it was a side-by-side heart-pounding race to the finish line. And just like the season started, it was ‘Bad Bitch’ for their third win this season.

MV Agusta Brutale 1000 Nürburgring

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