Brock’s Hayabusa Gen3 Clutch Conversion Kit Stands out at XDA

Hayabusa Gen3 Clutch Conversion Kit

Brock’s Performance recently released our new Suzuki Hayabusa Gen3 Clutch Conversion Kit with Ultra Mod to the masses. This past weekend Patrick Cooper entered his Hayabusa in the XDA Super Stock class to test how it measured up to the competition. Right off the hit, the bike launched smoother with a 9.159 at 157.82 off the trailer. His second pass improved to 9.041 at 157.26 mph to set him up in the middle of the qualifying field.

Once eliminations started, the bike’s performance kept rolling out the numbers, with the best ET of the weekend at 8.907 at 158.71 mph. “This is the quickest and fastest pass ever for an XDA Legal Super Stock Suzuki Hayabusa Gen3 motorcycle. The event was shortened due to weather, so I couldn’t make many passes, ” stated Cooper. “But I can’t wait to get back out on the track to see what she can really do; there is more horsepower in there!”

Clutch Conversion Kit w/ Ultra Mod for Suzuki Hayabusa (22-23)

When it comes to enhancing the overall performance and drive train safety of the Suzuki Hayabusa, the most popular and affordable upgrade is the Ultra-Light Billet Clutch Mod. This mod replaces the factory installed back-torque-limiting clutch assembly (sometimes also known as a ‘slipper clutch,’) allowing the rider to perform a smoother, more controlled dead-stop launch, as opposed to the grab-n-jerk motion associated with trying to launch the stock machine. As an additional benefit, the Ultra-Light Billet Clutch Mod helps reduce component wear associated with quick starts, regardless of the surface. ‘Slipper clutch’ equipped bikes can experience abnormal wear leading to frequent adjustments, broken drive chains, premature damage to sprockets, worn out/broken outer clutch baskets, and even bent output shafts, all of which can be attributed to the violent jerking motion encountered from the factory clutch arrangement.

Clutch Conversion Kit w/ Ultra Mod for Suzuki Hayabusa (22-23)

If every hundredth of a second and smallest detail counts in your world, the Ultra-Light Billet Clutch Mod is for you. Thoroughly tested in some of the highest-power bikes in the world, this mod also attacks the rotating mass equation in the Hayabusa clutch area. The energy transferred from rotating the weight of the steel OEM components can now be used to push the bike forward – quicker! The Ultra-Light Billet Clutch Mod weighs in at a feathery 139 grams, compared to stock at 340 grams.

Kit includes shim spacers for use with the stock springs, for a slight increase in clutch pressure. Not only will this help the bike launch quicker without creating drag strip chatter, but it will also help increase top end speed.

  • Converts the OEM ‘ramp-style’ assist/slipper clutch into a traditional style multi-plate clutch design
  • Utilizes Brock’s Performance Ultra-Light Billet Clutch Mod Kit (included), which eliminates the OEM back-torque limiter
  • Required for smooth clutch control when attempting to launch the Hayabusa (22-23) from a dead stop
  • Conversion eliminates ‘bucking’, grab, chatter etc… during drag-style launches (video)
  • Complete drop in replacement; no modifications required
  • Designed for use in (22-23) Hayabusa models only
  • For replacement steels and fibers click here

Click Here to learn more about our Clutch Conversion Kit w/ Ultra Mod.

Brock’s Performance Exhaust Wins Super Stock

Winner – Mark Blake
Runner-up – Patrick Cooper
#1 Qualifier – Caleb Holt 8.831

In HTP Performance Super Stock, Caleb Holt grabbed the number one qualifying spot with an 8.831. Holt would make it to the semi-final but would take a loss after he experienced mechanical troubles at about half-track against Mark Blake. Blake also took out Terry Geesy and Felton Goodwin Sr. to earn his spot in the final round.

XDA Mark Blake

Patrick Cooper, aboard the only Gen3 Hayabusa in the class, also earned a spot in the final as he took wins over Blake Johnson, Felton Goodwin Jr., and Curtis McDougald. Going into the final Blake looked to have the performance advantage over Copper on his 2018 Kawasaki ZX-14R, but Cooper would go -.090 red at the tree to hand Blake a win and the points lead.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels Win Real Street

Winner – Courtlan Whiting
Runner-up – Mark Hylton
#1 Qualifier – David Stewart 7.530

DME Racing Real Street was all business this past weekend as racers looked to step up their game this season, and the class saw the biggest bike count in years!

George Cross debuted his Hayabusa with a great attitude. Cross qualified with an 8.990; however, by round one of eliminations, he was knocking on that seven-second door with an 8.070 run.

Shane Stubbs also debuted with a GSX-R1000 that he thrashed on until he had to load up for the event. He qualified with an 8.275, but then went red in the first round of eliminations. With five weeks until the next event, he will get his package fine-tuned and ready for the June event.

XDA Courtlan Whiting

Defending class champion David Stewart earned the number one qualifying spot with a 7.53, while also setting a new class MPH record at 196.56mph. Stewart also ran 199.79mph in round one of eliminations; however, he could not back it up for the record.

Stewart made it to the semi-final but was outperformed by Courtlan Whiting, equipped with BST Carbon Fiber wheels. He ran a 7.568 to Stewart’s 7.622, and this win would send Whiting to his first-ever Real Street final!

In the final, Whiting faced previous class champion Mark Hylton, and it would take everything he had to get around him for a win. When the bulbs flashed both riders rocketed out of the gate. Both riders fought wheelies at the 60′ mark, but Courtlan recovered quicker, allowing him to keep his forward momentum and stay ahead of Hylton to the finish line. This was Whiting’s first DME Racing Real Street win.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels Win Boosted Bulls

Winner – Malcolm Phillips / Bill Mays
Runner-up – Geoff Godfrey / Minion

Boosted Bulls defending class champion Frankie Stotz on ‘Reddi-Wip’ was unable to make the field after he suffered a blown turbo during shakedown passes. The first round would also be the final with ‘Billy Mays’ equipped with BST Carbon Fiber wheels, piloted by Malcolm Phillips, and ‘Minion’ ridden by Geoff Godfrey. When the bulbs dropped, ‘Billy Mays left the line hard and straight as it rocketed to the eighth-mile finish line. In the other lane, ‘Minion’ struggled to leave the line and wheelied, causing Godfrey to abort the pass.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels Win All Motor Bulls

Winner – David Fondon / Bad Bitch
Runner-up – James Culbreath / Vicous

David Fondon on ‘Bad Bitch’ equipped with BST Carbon Fiber wheels drew the bye run in the first round of the non-power adder class of All Motor Bulls. James Culbreath on ‘Vicous’ outran Edward Thomas on ‘Da Setup.’

In the final Culbreath battled a wheelie that would ultimately lead to an on track crash while Fondon made a clean pass to take the win. Culbreath was unharmed and was able to walk off the track.

The XDA heads to Virginia Motorsports Park located in Dinwiddie, Virginia for the 37th annual MTC Engineering Summer Nationals on June 2-4, 2023! Make plans now to be there! 

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