Brock’s Performance Exhaust Shatters Expectations

The renowned Big County YouTube channel roars back onto the drag strip, this time unleashing their auction-acquired GSX-R1000 with a formidable upgrade: the Brocks Performance Titanium CT Megaphone Full Exhaust System, and a Moore Mafia ECU flash.

Originating from the depths of an auction lot, this bike is on a mission to shatter its previous record of 5.84 seconds in the eighth mile, a feat achieved with nothing more than a stock exhaust. Yet, as it rolls off the trailer, anticipation crackles in the air, and the stopwatch bears witness to a jaw-dropping 5.68-second sprint, immediately eclipsing all prior performances.

With adrenaline coursing through veins and the scent of victory tantalizingly close, the rider braces for even swifter times, aiming to breach the elusive 5.50-second barrier. Despite grappling with the demands of rapid shifting, subsequent runs clock in at a blistering 5.64 seconds, boasting an impressive 60-foot time of 1.41 seconds, edging ever closer to the coveted goal.

But it’s the climactic run of the night that truly sets hearts racing as Big Kountry unleashes a thunderous 5.53-second blitz, accompanied by a lightning-fast 1.35-second 60-foot time, shattering all expectations and leaving the crowd in awe.

This triumph stands as a testament to the transformative power of the Brock’s Performance exhaust modification, showcasing the latent potential buried within the once-forgotten confines of this auction gem.

Brock’s Performance Equipped Products

Exhaust: CT Megaphone Titanium Full System

The Brock’s Performance CT Series™ full titanium exhaust system is a direct result of incalculable hours of engineering/design work combined with real world performance testing. The entire exhaust system weighs as little as 8 1/4 lbs. and offers the highest power readings out of any of our under fairing (non-sidewinder) exhaust systems. The CT Series™ not only provides superb cornering clearance, but if you are a weekend drag racer, the system also provides unmatched ground clearance. If world class craftsmanship and quality as well as welds that look like ‘art’ are high on your list, then the Brock’s Performance CT Series™ full titanium exhaust system is for you.

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