Brock’s Performance Riders Finish XDA Season with Wins and Championships

XDA’s Season Finale Delivers New Winners and Champions

The 28th annual DME Racing Fall Nationals concluded the 2020 race season, crowning twelve champions at Maryland International Raceway.

The third year of XDA faced a pandemic, mother nature, and decrees that did not allow spectators at two of their events. And despite all this adversity, the XDA season was filled with tremendous enthusiasm. 2020 produced record turnouts, new classes, new racers, first-time winners, first-time champions, and more records broken than any other motorcycle drag racing series.

Brock’s Performance Equipped Riders Quick Look

Real Street

Champion – Brandon Teasley
Winner – Jeremy Teasley / Runner-up – David Stewart
#1 Qualifier – Jeremy Teasley 7.5556

The DME Racing Real Street class was intense on Sunday in the JTR Racing camp. Brandon Teasley came into the event with the points lead. However, he put himself in danger when he took a second-round loss to Mark Hylton.

Brandon Teasley

Real Street class champion Brandon Teasley is equipped with BST Carbon Fiber wheels.

With Spencer Claycomb and Ben Knight out in round one, his brother Jeremy could now take the championship from him. If Jeremy could win the race and break the ET record of 7.516, he would be the champion. Jeremy qualified with a 7.556 putting him in range to break the record held by Brandon.

And since record-breaking is Jeremy’s thing, the sibling rivalry hit an all-time high. Going into the final, Teasley had not broken the record. However, if he ran a 7.515 or better, it would break the record, and his previous runs were enough to back it up.

Mark Hylton

Competitor Mark Hylton ran his personal best of 7.581 at this event on BST Carbon Fiber wheels.

David Stewart who made his first final round appearance in Real Street this year had the performance to win against Teasley. Teasley took the light first and made a clean A to B pass running a 7.565 while Stewart had to control a wheelie that would cost him ET and the win. With no record set, Jeremy Teasley won the event, and brother Brandon won the championship. The JTR team would head back to Ohio together one big happy family.

Super Stock

Champion – David Fondon
Winner – Curtis McDougald / Runner-up – Richard Gadson
#1 Qualifier – David Fondon 8.691 (New ET Record)
MPH Record – David Fondon 163.57 mph

In HTP Performance Super Stock, David Fondon won the war but failed to win the last battle. Fondon, who has won the previous two events, took a quarter-final loss when he cut a .262 light allowing Chris Moore to take a holeshot win over him. Despite this loss, Fondon had the championship clinched when he qualified #1 to earn a bye in the first round. Fondon also reset his own records of 8.742 and 161.96 to an 8.691 at 163.57, making him a tenth faster over the class. Looks like an offseason rule-change may be in the works for this Stock class.

David Fondon

David Fondon won the championship and set multiple records on his ZX-10R equipped with our Penta-Carbon Exhaust System.

With Fondon out of competition, the fight for a new winner would heat up. Curtis McDougald and Richard Gadson, who qualified in the top five would knock out the competition for four rounds until they met in the final. Gadson qualified better than McDougald with an 8.81 to his 8.86. In elimination rounds, McDougald was running quicker each round than Gadson. But Gadson was cutting better lights. In the final, Gadson would get the advantage at the tree, but McDougald was determined to get his first win of the year and took out Gadson running a quicker 8.78 to his 8.862.

Curtis McDougald

Curtis McDougald took the win on his Kawasaki ZX-14R equipped with our Alien Head 2 Exhaust System.

The first year of super stock was a great success, with an average of thirty bikes qualifying at each event. At this event, we saw seven new entries into the class with Anthony Alliano, Brian Dale, Dell Jones, Jesus Moran, Marquise Blake, Mike Geer, and Steve Knecum. We look forward to watching this class grow in 2021.

Richard Gadson

Richard Gadson took the runner-up finish on his Suzuki GSX-R1000 equipped with our CT Exhaust System.

5.60 Index

Winner – Aaron Vittorini 

Aaron Vittorini

Aaron Vittorini took the event win on his Kawasaki ZX-14R equipped with our Sidewinder Exhaust System.

In the FBR Shop 5.60 class Dustin Lee came into the event with the points lead. Despite taking a second-round loss, he had enough points to keep his championship when his closest competition failed to earn enough points to overthrow him. Jimmie Miller tried but broke out in round three with a 5.598 to trail Lee by thirteen points for the season.

Aaron Vittorini from New Jersey, a new entry into the FBR Shop 5.60 class, qualified #6 with a 5.607 and took out several class veterans on his way to the final. Jeff Stahl, qualified # 3 with a 5.603, and also faced a challenging field of eight-mile racers on his way to the final. Both competitors came into the final cutting good lights. They had proven they could run the index with their 5.60 qualifying times. Unfortunately, the win was determined in a split second when Stahl turned on a -.015 red light to give Aaron Vittorini, the new entry, the weekend win.

Crazy 8’s

Champion – Spencer Claycomb
Winner – Spencer Claycomb / Runner-up – Ben Helland

Coming into the final, Robert Parker led the Crazy 8’s points. His biggest threat, Tylan Beckelheimer, was a no-show to the event. This left only a handful of competitors that he would need to out-round on Sunday. However, Parker lost control of the championship when he took a first-round loss to Simeon Amaru. The only competitors that won round one that could pass him in points were Dustin Lee and Spencer Claycomb. In round four, these two would face each other and Claycomb would get the win.

XDA Spencer Claycomb

Spencer Claycomb won the event and the Championship equipped with a TiWinder Exhaust System and  BST Carbon Fiber Wheels.

Now Claycomb was the only racer standing between Parker and the Championship. Claycomb would face Duane Jackson in the semi-final, and Parker had his money on Jackson. But Jackson would let him down, breaking out to send Claycomb to the final and giving him the points he needed to win the championship.

XDA Ben Helland

Ben Helland on his Kawasaki ZX-14R equipped with our Alien Head 2 Exhaust System took a runner-up finish.

With the championship title under his belt, Claycomb would have one last battle with Ben Helland for the event win. Helland cut a hefty -.081 red light to hand Claycomb the victory in the last contested Crazy 8’s race.

Brock’s Performance Street ET

Champion – Derrick Milbourne
Winner – Marquise Blake / Runner-up – Nick Hamlett

In Brock’s Performance Street ET, over 200 racers have entered the class this year, and Derrick Milbourne, with two event wins under his belt, won the championship. This is a massive high for him. In 2018 he finished in fifth place, in 2019 he finished in second place, and now he has the championship that he has been striving for.

XDA Derrick Milbourne

Derrick Milbourne won the Brock’s Performance Street ET Championship on his ZX-10 equipped with our Alien Head Exhaust System.

Marquise Blake from Delaware, a newcomer to the class, took out several class veterans to make it to the final. There he met Nick Hamlett, who is no stranger to a final round. In the final Blake dialed a 8.74 and Hamlett a 10.05. Hamlett left first, and Blake would be chasing him a second later. Blake lost traction off the starting line, and it took a second to get it back under control before he could get back in the throttle, and by this point the win should have gone to Hamlett.

However, Hamlett made the rookie mistake of not keeping an eye on the other lane and by the time he looked over, it was too late. As Nick grabbed the brake, he was crossing the stripe and breaking out with a 10.023 to hand the win to Marquise Blake who ran three seconds off his dial. Oops.

Marquise Blake

Marquise Blake took the win in Brock’s Performance Street ET equipped with our StreetMeg Exhaust System.

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