Brock’s Performance Technical Service Bulletins

Brock’s Performance Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) provide important updates on Brock’s Performance products, including upgrades, options and revisions, as well as recommended procedures for repairs.

TSB #994718: ZX-14R (2012) Clutch Mod Kit (P/N: 270682 & 270695) – Spring Base Washers

Please click this here for information regarding the ZX-14R (2012) Clutch Mod Kit – Spring Base Washer Bulletin.

Brock’s Performance has determined the addition of Spring Base Washers is required to prevent premature wear to the pressure plate when additional spring pressure is added for drag race use. This Bulletin is has been issued as a product enhancement and is not considered safety related.

Existing ZX-14R (2012) Clutch Mod Kit owners will be shipped (6X) Spring Base Washers at no charge and these items will be incorporated as standard equipment into all Standard and Deluxe Clutch Mod Kits.