BST Blackstone TEK Introduces the Torque TEK in Milan

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If you are interested in the all-new Torque TEK carbon fiber wheels for V-Twin applications, please fill out the form below. Expected availability of spring 2019.

Note: If you have questions about existing Brock’s Performance or BST products please contact

The Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo e Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA) is Milan’s massive international bike show, featuring more than 1,200 manufacturers showing off hot new rides, crazy concepts, and impressive aftermarket accessories. EICMA is the largest event in the world dedicated to 2 wheels. This year’s theme is “We see roads that don’t exist yet,” and all it takes is one lap around this 1 million square foot exhibition hall to see what they mean by that. From driverless bikes to carbon fiber everywhere, the advancements in technology in the powersports industry continues to impress.

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In most places, motorcycles are a way to get from point A to B, but in Milan, motorcycles are an art of self-expression. What you ride, how you match your outfit when you ride and what high-tech accessories are installed are an important aspect of riding in Milan. In grand style, the Milan Expo is known for introducing new models and new accessories.

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Approaching the BST Blackstone TEK booth, I couldn’t help but notice the allure of the Ariel Atom 4 ( encouraging me to see what BST has done since last year. The Ariel Atom sits on BST carbon fiber wheels, saving the Atom 50% of the weight over the alloy wheels. The technology used for the carbon fiber wheels on the Ariel Atom is the same technology that BST uses for their motorcycle wheels.

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The “uber classic” wheels that BST produces were upended last year with the launch of the new Rapid TEK split-spoke design, so we waited with anticipation what this year’s design would look like.

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Announcing the NEW Torque TEK carbon fiber wheel that targets the V-Twin market. The geometrical shapes of this new design offer the enthusiast the opportunity to personalize the look with tones of chrome, 6 clearcoat color combinations, 3 different finishes and 6 different sizes, including a new 26” front.

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About BST Blackstone TEK: Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, BST has delivered over 30,000 carbon fiber wheels throughout the world over the past 16 years.

BST EICMA Boy Holding Torque TEK 26

Little man making our 10 lb. 26″ carbon fiber #torquetek BST – BlackStone Tek front wheel look easy to handle. No loving parent would even let him attempt this with a 26″ metal wheel.

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