BST Carbon Fiber Wheels are a Game-Changer for Harley Riders

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels - Land Speed Record

In the world of Harley motorcycles, upgrading to aftermarket wheels is a common practice aimed at enhancing both aesthetics and performance. However, the idea of using carbon fiber wheels like those from BST often meets with skepticism. Many believe that carbon fiber, being significantly lighter than traditional materials, might compromise safety at high speeds. This article seeks to dispel such myths and demonstrate why BST Carbon Fiber wheels are not only safe but also beneficial for high-speed use, backed by real-world achievements of riders like Kevin Edgmon.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels - Land Speed Record

BST Myth Debunking: Carbon Fiber Misconceptions

The primary hesitation about carbon fiber wheels stems from the misconception that lighter wheels are inherently less stable at high speeds. This belief is outdated, rooted in early carbon fiber applications that did not benefit from today’s technological advancements. Kevin Edgmon has shattered this misconception by setting multiple records with BST Carbon Fiber wheels equipped with ceramic bearings from Worldwide Bearings, proving their high-speed capabilities and safety.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels - Land Speed Record

In 2023, Kevin Edgmon not only set but shattered the one-mile land speed record with a blistering pace of 165.472 mph, securing his title as the World’s Fastest Street Legal Bagger. That weekend he also set two more records, 152.620 mph in the 1/2 mile, and 159.179 mph in 2 kilometers (1.25 miles).BST Carbon Fiber Wheels - Land Speed Record

This remarkable achievement marked the culmination of a journey that commenced in 2008, when he first ventured into Baggers racing, achieving a top speed of 143mph. By 2017, he made a significant upgrade by installing BST Carbon Fiber wheels, shedding 30 lbs. of rotating mass. This not only enhanced the rideability of his motorcycle for across-state traveling but also provided him with a notable speed advantage in racing.

His momentum continued at the 2020 Bonneville SCTA event, where he set a new benchmark at 154.140 mph. The following year, he outdid himself once more, elevating the record to a swift 159.952 mph.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels - Land Speed Record

But Kevin’s record-setting was also displayed at the 2023 ECTA Arkansas event, where he dominated by securing four new records—two in the half-mile and two in the mile categories, with a peak speed of 158.451 mph in the 1.25-mile stretch. Each event served as a testament to the unparalleled reliability and performance of BST Carbon Fiber wheels, which proved essential in each of his record-breaking runs.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels - Land Speed Record

“When you’re pushing limits at speeds like these, every component counts, but I’ve found nothing compares to BST Carbon Fiber wheels. They handle impeccably at high speeds, giving me the confidence to power through every mile. There’s a precision in how they respond to the road — it’s like they cut through air and space, making high-speed turns and accelerations not just possible but predictable. It’s this reliability that lets me focus on breaking records, knowing my wheels are as ready as I am to tackle any challenge.” Edgmon, owner of RoadSkulls V-Twin Performance.

BST Torque TEK Carbon Fiber Wheels

BST Technical Breakdown: How BST Carbon Fiber Wheels Maintain Safety

BST Carbon Fiber wheels are a product of cutting-edge engineering and meticulous craftsmanship. The core of these wheels is made from high-quality pre-preg carbon fiber, utilizing a process known as autoclave technology which ensures uniform compaction and resin distribution. This method eliminates any voids or weak spots that could potentially compromise the wheel’s integrity.

Each wheel is crafted with precision and designed to withstand the specific demands of motorcycle performance. Before they reach the market, BST wheels have undergone decades of research, development, testing, and the most stringent certification processes. BST wheels exceed the performance requirements of all industry-standard tests, such as SAE and TÜV and meet even more stringent quality requirements for OEM wheels.

  • Cornering: Dynamic load tests to simulate real-world conditions.
  • Rotation and Torsion: High-speed durability testing to ensure stability at speeds that exceed typical road use.
  • Impact: Impact testing to measure resilience against sharp blows and rough terrain.

Such extensive testing ensures that each set of wheels is not only durable but also reliable under various conditions, from cruising on highways to navigating through demanding, twisty roads.BST Carbon Fiber Wheels - Land Speed Record

Benefits of BST Carbon Fiber Wheels for Harley Riders

Switching to BST Carbon Fiber wheels offers numerous benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics, enhancing the overall riding experience for Harley enthusiasts:

Enhanced Handling and Stability: The lightness of carbon fiber significantly reduces gyroscopic and rotational inertia, allowing for quicker and more responsive handling.

Improved Acceleration and Braking: Less rotational mass means your bike can accelerate and brake more effectively, providing a noticeable improvement in performance.

Reduced Wear on Components: Lighter wheels exert less stress on the motorcycle’s suspension and braking systems, leading to reduced wear and tear and potentially lower maintenance costs over time.

Aesthetic Appeal: Besides performance enhancements, BST wheels offer a sleek, modern look that can significantly upgrade the visual appeal of any Harley-Davidson.

Many Harley riders who have upgraded to BST wheels report a transformative riding experience, noting particularly the ease with which their bikes handle and respond to inputs at high speeds, similar to Kevin Edgmon’s experiences on the racetrack and beyond.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels - Land Speed Record

Redefining the Ride

BST Carbon Fiber wheels are not only safe at any speed, but they also offer substantial improvements in performance and aesthetics. Kevin Edgmon’s record-setting achievements serve as a testament to the unrivaled performance and stability that BST wheels can provide. Embracing this technology can transform your Harley-Davidson into a more efficient, responsive, and enjoyable ride. BST Carbon Fiber wheels are a proven upgrade worth considering for those looking to enhance their motorcycle’s capabilities safely and reliably.

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BST Carbon Fiber Wheels - Land Speed Record