BST Carbon Fiber Wheels Standard on the NEW Electric Arc Vector

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle

Introducing the ARC Vector

The world’s most advanced motorcycle 

Handcrafted in Britain uniquely for each owner the Arc Vector is the world’s most advanced fully electric motorcycle of its kind, equipped with lightweight BST Carbon Fiber Wheels and partnered with a fully integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI). No other motorcycle merges technology, innovation, craftsmanship, and experience like the Arc Vector.

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle


Our revolutionary modular battery monocoque is a legacy-free platform. Releasing the design process from the necessity to incorporate cross-vehicle architecture – our architecture is bespoke to each vehicle maximizing it’s true potential. Arc’s philosophy has manifested itself in our first product, the Vector – replacing the traditional chassis with the battery facilitates the Vector’s class-leading range and performance bike mass figures delivering a dynamic experience often lost with electric vehicles and especially motorcycles.

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle

Vector features patented front-end geometry, carbon fiber swingarms, custom Öhlins dampers, and Brembo Stylema brake system. Reading about it is exciting, experiencing it – is something else.


  • Voltage – 399
  • Wheelbase – 1450
  • Seat Height – 825MM
  • Clutchless Single Gear Transmission
  • Traction Control
  • Adaptive Regen
  • Unique Arc Front End Suspension and Steering
  • High-Efficiency LED Lighting
  • Different Selectable Ride and Environment Modes
  • Lightweight BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle


The unique Arc Pilot System delivers a transformational riding experience, providing you with feedback and notifications, keeping you safe and agile – freeing you to enjoy your journey and make the most of your moment. Working with Knox to develop the Origin armor and jacket system that houses the Pilot System’s haptic.

In partnership with Hedon, Arc has developed the bespoke Arc Zenith helmet to facilitate the HUD (Head-Up Display). Composite technology, with premium and luxurious finishes, provides superb safety: a guiding star for owners.

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle


The Arc Zenith helmet’s projection-based HUD (Head-up Display), developed in collaboration with Hedon, is similar to fighter pilot systems – a significant technological jump. The helmet’s integral rear camera can be shown through the HUD and kicks in automatically when detecting anything in your blind spot.

The different modes are selected via a controller on the bike – or can be voice-activated and act wirelessly. Completed by a fitted WiFi headset, the Arc Zenith is technically advanced, comfortable, and cool (in both senses of the word), and combines form and function seamlessly.

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle


The Origin Jacket breaks new ground and takes immersive sensory experience and protection to a new level. Arc Origin represents a game-changing advance in intelligent technology and the complete riding experience, making motorcycling even more immersive. There are three modes. Urban Mode focuses on safety, alerting the rider to dangers. Sports Mode gives the rider feedback on the bike’s dynamic position by taking G-Force-related data. Euphoric Mode lets you play music through the haptics – a feature that must be experienced.

Global Servicing
When it’s time for your Vector to be serviced, it can be taken to a number of approved providers or a home visit can be arranged at your convenience.

Charging Your Machine
No need to worry about slow charge times. Using a global standard CCS charging interface, charge your Vector from flat in 40 minutes.

Class Leading Safety
All Arc monocoques are tested to passenger car standards. This combined with our unique HMI makes this the safest motorcycle in the world.

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle


The Arc code ensures that the right decisions are made to result in the best possible product with the resources available. Arc is about the perfect line of best fit ensuring the most premium product. From carbon fiber to flax, copper to sustainable leather. Always fit for purpose.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the Arc mindset. Our planet facilitates our journeys, so we build machines that confront the elements while protecting them. Vector’s design embodies sustainability for progress: using the best-suited materials, reducing mass, enhancing performance, and minimizing waste.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

Check out our full selection of BST Carbon Fiber wheels by clicking here.


Arc is on a mission to explore Earth in state-of-the-art style, combined with a promise to try to protect it.

Arc is a British business, committed to building products out of our UK HQ. We are a heady mix of Engineers, Designers, and Business Leaders who have worked across diverse vehicle projects and beyond. We have been lucky enough to be part of some of the highest-performance, prestigious and luxurious vehicles ever created. We incorporate technical specialities not normally found at vehicle makers at all – Arc takes a real first principle approach.

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle

We love journeys and experiences, some of us like traveling quickly, and some are more methodical and technical. But we hold one thing in common – attitude. To unselfishly do the best that can be done with the technology and materials around us. It is this attitude that when pulled together makes Arc such a special business, and in turn, makes special vehicles.

You will find no business more dedicated to the pursuit of perfection in its field. The Arc family is welcoming and inclusive – we look forward to getting to know you more.

We at Arc are all enthusiasts passionate about vehicles and the enjoyment and meaning they can bring whether they be motorcycles, boats, or snowmobiles. The changing world with ever-demanding regulations and restrictions means we have to invent new ways of doing what we love, and Arc sets out to do this without compromise. Other bikes and vehicles will follow as we establish Arc as the world’s leading premium electric motorbike and recreational vehicle OEM.

Despite global ambitions though, we’re not building on an assembly line. This is a modern craftsmanship business, and all our machines will be hand-built. We are a British brand with a strong, uncompromising ethos. we are a business that’s trying to do the right things for the right reasons. We’re very passionate about what we do and want that to come through in the experience. Vector is the first contribution to that cause, using Arc as a voice for change.

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle