BST Custom Ink & Finish Options

Ink Finish Options:

Luxury car and motorcycle manufacturers have a long history of offering special paints for that one-of-a-kind look, so when BST was asked to paint a set of its carbon fiber wheels, they looked for ways they could offer color without hiding the beauty of the carbon fiber weave. BST uses a product called Xirallic® and then mixes it with an automotive clear coat using a 20% tint so they can offer a unique display of color while maintaining the aesthetic look of carbon fiber.

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Xirallic® combines a lively sparkle with a shimmer that has never been achieved before. The crystal effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials (a division of Merck KGaA) create an unexpected deep luster and extraordinary sparkle in coatings. Their high color intensity and purity are impressive. Direct light – especially from the sun – shows off their unparalleled brilliance to the fullest. In short, Xirallic® is unique in the world of effect pigments. With its small particle size and tight particle size distribution, Xirallic® can be easily used in all application areas, from plastic coatings, industry, and powder coatings, to dispersion paints. The main field of application for the crystal effect pigments, however, is automotive coatings: this is where their extraordinary color saturation and depth, as well as their universal technical usability, really come into their own.


Standard Finish Options:


BST Finish Options Gloss Sample Th

Gloss (Standard): The standard finish on BST wheels uses a 2K automotive clear-coat to provide a high-gloss presentation. This finish option is great for those truly wanting to bring the carbon weave to life.






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Satin: This is the finish selected by Motus and Ducati for their OEM BST wheels; it offers more shine to the wheel than the Matte finish, while still drawing attention to the carbon fiber weave. Approximate 20% additive is mixed with the 2K Clear Gloss to achieve the Satin finish.






BST Finish Options Matte Sample Th

Matte: The finish of choice for Confederate Motorcycles on their BST wheels; this is a non-glossy finish that conceals some of the Carbon Fiber weave. Perfect match for those that like the matte look and may want to hide the fact that their wheels are Carbon Fiber. Approximate 40% additive is mixed with the 2K Clear Gloss to achieve the Matte finish.






BST Ink Sample Gallery:


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