BST Wheel General Maintenance

This page will provide information and recommendations for the general maintenance of your BST Carbon Fiber Wheels.


Cush Drive Inserts:

To prolong the life of your BST Cush Drive Rubber Inserts we recommend rotating them a quarter turn every so often to help maintain even wear. Depending on the severity of your application the time in between rotations may need to be adjusted.

For example: a set of wheels used for high-horsepower drag racing application may require more frequent rotation than a set of wheels used on the street… but both need to be inspected occasionally.

See examples below of uneven Cush Drive Rubber Insert wear caused by failure to properly rotate

Image 1:

BST Gen Maint Cush Drive Wear Zoom

Example of wear in high power applications – turn Cush Drive Rubber Inserts 90 degrees (1/4 turn) or more (as required) to prolong life.

Image 2:

BST Cush Drive Neglect

Example of extreme neglect as a result of failure to inspect/rotate Cush Drive Rubber Inserts. Inserts must be replaced and these guidelines followed in the future

The key to determining the frequency/need for rotation is the inspection of the cushions in YOUR application. There is no such thing as inspecting the inserts too frequently and neglecting to do so can lead to premature wheel failure. Click here for more information on BST Wheel inspection.

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Cleaning Your Wheels:

BST Wheels are finished with an automotive clear coat that can be cleaned with anything you would use to clean the finish of your motorcycle. We recommend using Original Bike Spirits: Spray Cleaner & Polish with a non-abrasive or microfiber cloth. Although any cleaner or polish appropriate for an automotive finish can be used.

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400788 Original Spirits Zoom 16003.1498844808 1

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