BST Wheel Load Rating Information

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Important Safety Information: BST Wheel Load Ratings


BST has derived their load specification from experience in the field of motorcycle physics: The load rating printed on the wheel sticker will reflect the maximum static load/weight that is permitted on the specific wheel to not exceed the critical loads during the dynamic situation of riding the motorcycle. BST designs with a safety factor of approximately 4.

BST carbon fiber wheels, with a standard load rating of 330 lbs. (150 kg), are designed for general street use (D.O.T approved) and road racing. ProMod/Funnybike front wheels are not recommended for use without wheelie bars.


Wheels with a load rating of 770 lbs. (350 kg) are recommended for excessive applications like Turbo bikes or applications that will require this higher load rating. Examples of applications for the 770 lbs. (350 kg) wheels are:


  • Extended wheel bases
  • Low profile tires
  • Limited travel front end (especially turbo charged applications which place more weight towards the front end)
  • Physically larger riders
  • Inexperienced riders


Excessive settings as described above combined with improper tire pressure and or a wheelie may damage the wheel. Brock’s Performance will not warranty damages from overloading the manufacturers static load rating. For BST wheels with increased static load rating (770 lb rating) see our R+ Series Front wheels.


BST’s are not recommended when using a solid stop front end etc. (contact McIntosh Machine for more information) Stock front ends utilizing Brock’s Performance lowering straps have proven to work very well in conjunction with BST wheels.


To check if the wheels are appropriate for your bike, use the following formula for your application.


Example: Motorcycle with a rider:
The usual weight distribution here is approximately 40% for the front wheel and 60% for the rear wheel.


Total Static Weight or TSW = Weight of bike with all fluids + weight of rider = 484 lbs + 198 lbs = 682 lbs


This leaves us with the following load ratings:
For Front wheel = 682 lbs x 40% = 272.80 lbs
For Rear wheel = 682 lbs x 60% = 409.20 lbs


Load Ratings for each wheel can be found on the Overview Tab on all BST wheels at: