Custom Harley-Davidson Breakout with BST Carbon Fiber Wheels – 2018 Update

2014 HD Breakout – 2018 Update

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It’s been a while since the last update on my custom 2014 Harley Davidson CVO Breakout. If you remember I started with a stock CVO 110 Breakout and ended up with a Procharged, BST wheel wearing, race gas drinking Screamin Eagle to say the least. We achieved 235 hp at the wheel and 183 ft. lbs. of torque, this all with a stock bore and original 110 heads. Impressive enough? Sure, but we wanted more and had things up our sleeves.

We started with what we needed; more air, more fuel! Sounds easy? Take my word for it this project got away from me a bit. For the air Richard Legg of Route 66 Harley Davidson in Tulsa built a custom intercooler that allowed 2.5 times more air to flow. We eliminated the air cleaner, plumbing straight from the procharger to the throttle body. We had developed a rear head oil leak so we pulled the heads, Legg worked some more magic with his tools for even more air. We then o-ringed the heads, went to 7/16” studs with custom head nuts, $150 each, and welded up the intake bolt holes and went to a 4 bolt instead of the original two. Our plan was 20 psi so we buttoned everything up. For the fuel delivery, Legg suggested a twin Holley fuel pump set up. This took some custom work from Legg again. We then added a Holley fuel regulator and filter. I also would like to mention Landon Kuhn, master mechanic at Route 66 HD in Tulsa. Landon basically put the bike together, not a small task, a ton of custom work there. He added his touch and input to the bike as well.

I’ll get back to the motor later. The next plan was to get rid of some weight and gain handling performance. I talked to the people at Kraus Motor Co. and they set me up with inverted Ohlins front forks, risers, handles bars and a very nice steering damper. The crème de la crème was purchasing my new 19” BST front wheel. As you already know I had purchased the rear BST wheel and the front 21” BST wheel from Brocks Performance previously. I really wanted to go to a 19” front. These BST wheels are what everyone needs. They make such a difference in the handling of the bike let alone how awesome they look! We then called the folks at Lyndall brakes and had them build one-off carbon fiber rotors, front and rear, with carbon fiber brake pads. They also sent me a rear sprocket to match everything. Not a short process but worth it. Legg had to machine an offset support piece for the sprocket to get it aligned properly. Along with all new Roland Sands levers, master cylinders and custom mounted mid controls and pegs from Sands as well, throw in led signals this bike is finished….haha, ya right!

Back on the dyno with this new and improved 110. Didn’t take a ton of tuning but Legg and Kuhn were on the money. 304 hp at the wheel and 234 ft. lbs. of tq. on VP C12 and running 20 lbs. of boost.  I would say this is a success. The plan now is to take the Breakout,  with over 300 hp and sporting beautiful carbon fiber BST wheels, and shoot for 350hp!  To be continued……

Jay Claeys


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