Custom Harley-Davidson Breakout with BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

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Jay Claey’s Custom 2014 CVO Breakout


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March of 2014 I walked into Route 66 Harley-Davidson in Tulsa, Oklahoma looking for a taillight and walked out with a brand new 2014 CVO Breakout. Awesome bike but what Route 66 HD have done with it since is pretty interesting to the high-performance crowd and is turning a few heads. This bike stock has somewhere around 90 hp and 112 ft. lbs. of torque which is not bad for a 728 lb. Harley Davidson… right? Well, we thought we could do better, and did.

Matt Blizzard with Route 66 took the reins and started searching for parts and scheduling shop time. I’m not sure how much time he put into this project, but I know it was substantial. We started with 10.5-1 HD pistons, 259E cams, 58 mm throttle body, bigger injectors and a set of Vance and Hines Big Radius II headers and a Screamin’ Eagle tuner. Richard Legg dyno-tuned the bike to accomplish 113 hp and 115 ft. lbs. torque. Not bad you say? I agree but after riding it a while I decided there’s more, much more.


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I’ve owned Hayabusa’s, GSXR’s, H2’s and many other “fast” bikes including a docile Harley here and there. I felt it was time to experience the Harley-Davidson life full bore, and I’m glad I did. I have a Harley 2015 Road Glide Special for the milder riding moods. However the “need for speed” part of me was still a bit empty. I did some research and saw potential in the 110 “B” motor.


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After consulting with a few builders I decided the best choice was the crew at Route 66 Harley-Davidson in Tulsa. Between Richard Legg and master mechanic Landon Kuhn I knew they had the right stuff. ProCharger was my first choice to get this motor rolling. They added high ratio rockers and kept the stock crank with the work that had already been done. With a few runs on the dyno, Richard came up with 180 hp and 162 torque. Great numbers! I rode this version of my 110 for a few weeks before I had to call Route 66 and tell them we needed more horsepower. You gotta remember I was used to the speed of a Hayabusa, so with the weight of the Harley… the numbers wasn’t matching the performance – so I got curious as to just how far we could go with this 110 motor.


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With a new goal of 200+ hp, we knew we had our work cut out for us. The stock crank was already at or even past its limit so the motor came apart and the crank was sent to Frank Drago at Drago Bike Works for the full treatment including CP pistons, Carrillo rods, and Timken bearings. The stock heads were also sent to Drago for massaging. With Legg’s expertise in building motors he decided to custom build a windage tray to scavenge more oil off the flywheel with an estimated 5-7 hp gain possible. We also went with the Screamin’ Eagle cam plate with high volume oil pump. Legg proved his metal fabrication skills by designing and building from scratch a custom set of pipes with custom-built brackets to mount everything. He also designed the exhaust flanges the pipes would mount to. These were a true 2” diameter flange with the pipes eventually dumping out at 2 ½”. We had a discrepancy in the size of the exhaust port on the head and the flanges so Legg port matched the heads to the exhaust.

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Route 66’s master mechanic Landon Kuhn performed most of the engine assembly and assisted with the tuning process. He installed a set of cams that were ground for a blower motor and put everything together. Several dyno runs later we were still not quite at the 200 hp mark. Three things Legg noticed at high rpm’s was we were running out of fuel around 5800 rpm’s and the blower belt was slightly slipping at high rpm’s and the cams weren’t performing at the level he was looking for. He eventually decided on the HD 263 cams, good choice. I contacted Eric at DAS Performance and purchased a pulley set from him built for the Prochargers. It has a bit smaller drive pulley and reverses the tensioner pulley to push the belt not pull it and the belt went from 4 ribs to 6. Slipping problems fixed! Back to the dyno! New numbers were an impressive 222 hp and 192 torque but the motor was still running out of fuel and signing off at 5800 rpms. Back to the parts catalog and I purchased a high volume fuel pump which Landon installed. The Dyno numbers using 110 octane racing fuel are now 235 hp and 183 torque all this reaching 6800 rpms!

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The icing on the cake was a new set of BST Carbon Fiber wheels purchased from Brock’s Performance. At the time these wheels didn’t exist in carbon fiber. Matt sent my stock wheels (that are pretty but could be used as a boat anchor) to Brocks. They made drawings of the hubs and wheels and sent them to BST in South Africa for the fabrication. A few weeks later the most beautiful set of carbon fiber wheels arrived – the very first set ever for a Breakout. They mounted new Dunlop rubber to them and I took delivery of the bike. I gotta tell ya if anyone out there doesn’t think wheels can make a difference on a Harley, I’m here to say they do, and boy do they. The total weight of the BST wheels combined is just over 21 lbs., the stock wheels weigh in at approx. 55 lbs., almost a 33 lb. savings! The bike is more user-friendly, with improved handling and a better turning capability. Plus I’m not pulling that extra 33 lbs. around, hence faster acceleration and more speed!  (Editors note: these wheels are now in stock at Brock’s Performance and ready for immediate shipment, just click here.)

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We already have more plans for the future. Bigger custom built intercooler and “hat” for the breathing side. Bigger injectors and a pressure line going from the blower to the gas tank, bigger heads with higher compression and bigger pistons. This will take some machining on the 110 motor but we’re thinking 300 HP! The guys at Route 66 Harley-Davidson have awesome and I recommend them to anyone looking for the next level of performance.

Jay Claeys


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