Custom Low Rider Featuring BST Carbon Fiber Wheels and CeraCarbon Sprocket

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

Custom Harley-Davidson Low Rider

Our friends at Dream Rides of Tennessee have recently completed a breathtaking custom Harley-Davidson Low Rider tailored to the preferences of our valued client from New York, Mr. Fabien Meyer. This exceptional project is a true testament to craftsmanship and innovation, as it boasts a striking design entirely constructed from top-tier carbon fiber materials.

At the heart of this masterpiece are the BST Carbon Fiber wheels, which not only enhance the bike’s aesthetic appeal but also contribute to its overall performance and durability. These cutting-edge wheels exemplify the fusion of lightweight design and strength, ensuring a ride that is not only visually stunning but also a true marvel on the road.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

Adding to the allure of this bespoke creation is the inclusion of a CeraCarbon Sprocket from Brock’s Performance. The incorporation of this high-performance component not only elevates the bike’s functionality but also underscores the commitment to utilizing the finest materials and technologies available in the world of custom motorcycles.

The vision and expertise from Dream Rides of Tennessee has resulted in a motorcycle that transcends conventional boundaries, setting a new standard for excellence in custom bike design. From its sleek carbon fiber frame to the meticulously chosen components, this Low Rider stands as a symbol of innovation, precision, and the pursuit of perfection.

We invite enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike to marvel at the culmination of artistry and engineering achieved by Dream Rides of Tennessee in collaboration with Mr. Fabien Meyer. This custom Low Rider is not merely a motorcycle; it is a testament to the endless possibilities that unfold when passion meets craftsmanship.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels and CeraCarbon Sprocket

CeraCarbon Hybrid Rear Sprocket

CeraCarbon aluminum/composite hybrid sprockets levered high-performance engineered-composite parts and lightweight aluminum. CeraCarbon has enabled motorcycle sprockets to weigh less, go faster and last longer.

Produced from carbon fiber and lightweight 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum with a patented Teflon-impregnated ceramic coating. The sprocket is coated with a specialized ceramic coating for durability. A diffused Teflon coating is applied that will enter the ceramic and will help to reduce friction between the chain and the sprocket.


  • Manufactured from carbon fiber and aluminum
  • Up to 25% lighter than a typical all-aluminum sprocket
  • Patented Teflon impregnated ceramic coating
  • Fits aftermarket wheels (BST, Marchesini, OZ-Racing, Rotobox)
  • For use with a 530 chain

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BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

Weighing between 40 and 60 percent less than OEM wheels, BST wheels bestow sportbikes with sharper corner-carving abilities, faster acceleration, and quicker braking by weighing less than their production-bike counterparts. Lighter wheels are also easier for suspension systems to control over bumps and irregular surfaces, yielding more traction and unimpeded acceleration. Less rotating mass also equals less rider fatigue.

A lighter rear wheel is easier for the shock to control properly, which leads to superior power application and much higher trap speeds in competition and track days.

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

Using high-tech processes pioneered in the aerospace industry, BST wheels are manufactured in a single molding operation. This technique produces a wheel that is far superior in strength and much lighter than any aluminum or magnesium wheel, and one that is light and strong enough for racing and street use.

BST wheels are a unique monocoque (single unit) design with hollow spokes. The end result is wheels with unsprung weight reduced 40-60 percent compared to stock wheels. This delivers the lowest possible moment of inertia, a critical factor that affects all aspects of motorcycle performance.

Maximizing the molecular and structural properties of carbon fiber, BST has reduced spoke and rim weight without compromising their strength. Mass is therefore concentrated in the hub, reducing rotational inertia. This results in quicker acceleration and braking, allowing faster corner entry and exit speeds.

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