Stock-2-Brock ~ Dealer Spotlight: 1 Stop Speed

14 1023 belo 08 is a Brock’s Performance dealer with an emphasis on products for speed. 1 Stop Speed is owned by Michael Belo who takes an active role in testing the products he sells. This year he purchased a 2013 Suzuki Hayabusa that he has been taking to the track to test products. He has chosen some of the best riders in the industry to ride and test this bike like Richard Gadson, Jeremy Teasley and our very own Ben Knight.

Jeremy’s best 1/4 mile and MPH Performance

RT: 0.093
60 ft: 1.461
330 ft: 3.779
1/8 mile ET: 5.694
1/8 mile MPH: 127.34
1,000 ft: 7.368
1/4 mile ET: 8.799
1/4 mile MPH: 160.06

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You can check out this bike at the Manufacturers Cup World Finals November 14-16 when Richard Gadson and Jeremy Teasley will both be riding the bike in different classes. Jeremy Teasley will be running the 1 Stop Speed Hayabusa in Crazy 8’s. Jeremy is currently 17 points out of first place and with the help of Mike Belo and Brock’s Performance products he plans to take the championship next weekend! 1 Stop Speed will be on the Midway, so be sure to stop by and check them out and talk to Mike.

Michael got his start in racing on a 50cc scooter when he was a kid and has been hooked on speed ever since. When he was in middle school he raced snowmobiles and was an active crew member on a micro dirt sprint team. He started drag racing after high school and is now fully vested in making 1 Stop Speed a premier location in West Palm Beach and on-line for all products related to speed.

Michael will tell you his greatest accomplishment was having his 2005 Turbo Hayabusa featured in 2 Wheel Tuner magazine and also at the SEMA Show. He has also had many features in magazines like Super Street, Honda Tuning, Import Tuning and Turbo Magazine for his race cars.

Brock’s Performance Mods Include:


Jeremy Teasley on the 1 Stop Speed Hayabusa using the new GoPro Camera Mirror Mount




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