Discover the Creation of BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

In a world where every second counts and victory hangs in the balance, one element reigns supreme: innovation. Discover the creation of BST carbon fiber wheels.

Brock’s Performance has been distributing BST carbon fiber wheels since 2008 and are recognized worldwide as a leading authority on the use and application of carbon fiber wheels in the powersports industry. We have seen this super product evolve from blank-check motorsports to affordable wheels for production bikes. More than 50,000 wheels have been sold worldwide with 200+ fitments covering 30 prestigious brands.

BST carbon fiber wheels offer a wealth of advantages over traditional aluminum or steel wheels, including weight savings, improved vehicle dynamics and ride quality. Beyond simply reducing overall vehicle weight for improved acceleration, braking and dynamic performance, carbon fiber causes a reduction in unsprung weight and rotational inertia, which benefits suspension action, ride quality and performance. Riders with BST’s will experience a 40 to 60 percent reduction in unsprung mass – which can yield lighter, sharper steering, better handling, and even better acceleration, while reducing noise, vibration, and road harshness.  Discover how BST wheels are accelerating to new levels of performance and safety.

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