EICMA 2019 Coverage from Brock’s Performance (Milan, Italy)

EICMA 2017

The International Motorcycling Exhibition (EICMA) is Milan’s massive international show for the entire 2-wheel industry, featuring more than 1,200 manufacturers showing off hot new rides, crazy concepts, and impressive aftermarket accessories. EICMA is the largest event in the world dedicated to 2 wheels. This year’s theme is “Revolutionary Motion” a kind of radical transformation in the 2 wheel world of transportation, all it takes is one lap around this 3 million square foot exhibition to see what they mean by that. The bottom line is that motorcycles are constantly evolving, just as they have for the past century. New technologies and creative engineering have helped improve both the safety and performance of motorcycles and will continue to do so in the future. There has never been a better time to be a motorcyclist, today’s bikes are faster, safer, better looking, and more comfortable to ride.

EICMA was founded in 1914 by the will of motorcycle enthusiasts. Today, after more than 103 years, EICMA continues to be the quick reference point for the motorcycle and accessory industry. EICMA is the largest event in the world, bringing together over 160 Italian and foreign companies, and promotes the two-wheeler industry in Italy. This is the fifth year Brock’s Performance has attended the event, and we just can’t get enough of the innovation we see every year. We present to you, a small taste of this year’s event.

2019 eicma 1

BST in collaboration with Pierre Terblanche unveiled its latest creation at EICMA. The vision was to design and build a truly iconic electric motorcycle with excellent performance and beautiful styling. This partnership has resulted in the HyperTEK. Learn more at www.BST-HyperTEK.com

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The new Rocket 3 motorcycle range is in a class of its own, with truly imposing muscular presence and magnificent style. Combining the highest level of specification and technology with all of Triumph’s incredible handling, the Rocket 3 brings a sublime feel and comfort for all-day easy riding.

2019 eicma 5
2019 eicma 6

Drag racer Richard Gadson on the Brad Mummert Nitrous GS featured in the BST booth. This drag bike has gone 6.403 in the quarter-mile to make it the second fastest pro street bike int he world.

2019 eicma 8

The Italian Sound of the Termignoni exhaust systems could be found throughout the booths of EICMA.

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2019 eicma 16

Wheels so light we have to weigh them in grams.

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