EICMA 2022 Coverage from Brock’s Performance (Milan, Italy)

EICMA 2017

After suffering from not being able to attend EICMA for the past 3 years, I am finally back in Milan to get a full infusion of everything two wheels as the curtain rises on Edition number 79 of the International Two-wheeler Exhibition from November 8-13.

Milan is the world capital of two wheels. In fact, more than 1300 brands in the reference supply chain will go up this year on the Milanese stage of EICMA.  The most relevant and longest-running exhibition event in the world for the motorcyclist and cyclist mobility industry, relaunches its unique supremacy, confirming its leadership and international attractiveness.

Even though some big names decided not to attend like BMW and Harley Davidson, there was plenty of excitement and attendance looked like a pre-covid show. We have some exciting new product lines to share with you beginning in 2023 so be sure to check back often.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

– Jeff Grieco
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The International Motorcycling Exhibition (EICMA) is Milan’s massive international show for the entire 2-wheel industry, featuring more than 1,200 manufacturers showing off hot new rides, crazy concepts, and impressive aftermarket accessories. EICMA is the largest event in the world dedicated to 2 wheels. This year’s theme is “Revolutionary Motion” a kind of radical transformation in the 2 wheel world of transportation, all it takes is one lap around this 3 million square foot exhibition to see what they mean by that. The bottom line is that motorcycles are constantly evolving, just as they have for the past century. New technologies and creative engineering have helped improve both the safety and performance of motorcycles and will continue to do so in the future. There has never been a better time to be a motorcyclist, today’s bikes are faster, safer, better looking, and more comfortable to ride.

EICMA was founded in 1914 by the will of motorcycle enthusiasts. Today, after more than 103 years, EICMA continues to be the quick reference point for the motorcycle and accessory industry. EICMA is the largest event in the world, bringing together over 160 Italian and foreign companies, and promotes the two-wheeler industry in Italy. This is the fifth year Brock’s Performance has attended the event, and we just can’t get enough of the innovation we see every year. We present to you, a small taste of this year’s event.