FAQ: BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

  1. Why/how often do I need to rotate the Cush Drive Rubber Inserts in my BST rear wheel?
  2. What should I torque my wheels to for a Ducati 959?
  3. I want to install a wheel size that is different from OEM. How do I know it will fit and will it affect any of the bike’s electronic rider aids?
  4. What is the best means to mount tires on to carbon fiber wheels?
  5. How much safer are BST carbon fiber wheels than standard wheels?
  6. What is the weight of the BST carbon fiber wheels for the 08 Yamaha R1?
  7. Do BST wheels have TUV certification?
  8. How does BST carbon fiber compare with Magnesium and Aluminum alloys?
  9. What performance gains can I expect on my bike by changing to BST wheels?
  10. What is the difference between wet lay-up and the Prepreg construction, as used in BST wheels?
  11. What are the physical properties of Prepreg Carbon fiber that make it particularly suitable for BST wheels?
  12. What do BST wheels include once purchased?
  13. What torque should I use when fitting the BST wheels?
  14. How do I set up my bike for fast road riding with BST wheels – tire pressure and suspension settings?
  15. What weight are the BST wheels designed to carry?
  16. How much stronger are BST Carbon fiber Wheels than conventional wheels?
  17. If my BST wheel is damaged, can it be fixed?
  18. After an accident, how will I know if my Carbon Fiber wheel is still safe and usable?
  19. What sprocket can I use with my BST wheels?
  20. How are the BST hubs fitted to the carbon part of the wheel?
  21. How should I fit the tires to the Carbon Fiber wheels?
  22. How should I clean my Carbon Fiber wheels?
  23. Can I use tire warmers on my BST Carbon Fiber Wheels?
  24. What is the BST warranty?
  25. Why are there slight irregularities in BST wheels?
  26. Can my BST hubs swap to a different motorcycle?
  27. I have 2010 BMW S1000RR. 1: the OEM discs bolt onto the carriers, as shown in the picture? Basically, will the stock front and rear brake discs directly bolt on? 2: the wheels do come as shown in the picture? (Othen than the bearings)? 3: Does every wheel have the “Brock’s Performance” logo on them? Or are there rims available with only BST logo (manufacturer)?
  28. What is the torque spec for sprocket bolts for a BST wheel?
  29. Where can I find BST Wheel Bearing Installation and/or Replacement Instructions?
  30. I purchased a set of BST wheels from you a while back. I am now going with different calipers. My problem is that I need to space the rotor 1.5mm from the hub in order for it to be centered in the caliper. Do you have any spacers available?
  31. Can dynabeads be used in balancing of BST carbon fiber wheels?
  32. Do you have BSTs for a 2013 Kawasaki ZX-14R with ABS/KTRC? Will the BST hubs come machined and ready to use all the ABS/KTRC components (sensor rings, etc.)?
  33. What are the torque specs for the front and rear BST carbon wheels on a 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R?
  34. What is the difference between 161326 (R Series) BST front wheel and the 165941 (Non R Series)?
  35. Which model rear sprockets fit the BST wheels for my 2009 Yamaha R1?
  36. I’ve recently purchased a set of BST Carbon Fiber Wheels with ceramic wheel bearings. After only a few hundred miles it appears as if the bearings are leaking grease. Is this normal or something I should be concerned with?
  37. Had a new tire installed. He asked when I last had the BST carbon fiber wheels inspected. They have a 2002 date sticker and are on 2004 Ducati 998. Do they need to be checked? thanks
  38. Are there special procedures when mounting a tire onto BST Carbon Fiber wheels with anti-slip rim treatment?
  39. Does my BST 2 year manufacturers warranty cover road hazards, crash damage or theft?
  40. What happened to Brock’s heavy wheel spacers for the BST front wheels?