FAQ: Clutch Questions

  1. I installed your clutch mod and now neutral is hard to find?
  2. Why would I lose clutch cable free play at the lever when drag racing?
  3. Will a catastrophic clutch failure damage my Brock’s Performance clutch springs?
  4. What is the stack height with cushion for hayabusa
  5. What is clutch creep and what causes it?
  6. What is an Ultra Clutch Mod?
  7. What is a Clutch Cushion Kit?
  8. What if the lever cam which came with my clutch cushion kit does not work with my aftermarket levers?
  9. Purchased a dual clutch cushion and cushion ring from buddy…i do not have the heavy duty springs from kit but have brocks mod wondering since i do not have heavy duty springs can i still use spacers from clutch mod
  10. I put Petron Oil Additive into my 2008 cbr1000rr and now my clutch is slipping. Why is this happening and what can I do to fix it.
  11. I have your clutch mod and clutch cushion. When I first installed everything, my clutch worked great! But now, my 60ft’s are off. Is it me… or could something change?
  12. I have one of your clutch cushions and have already downloaded your excellent instructions for it. I see that it can also be used with the MTC inner and multistage. Would the instructions for the clutch frictions and steels be the same? I`ve been trying to set up my multistage without your cushion and now I am frustrated. Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated.
  13. I have a 2012 Zx-10r and have heard of people going through clutches after a few passes at the drag strip. I understand a good prevention measure for this is your clutch mod, heavier springs and / or your cushion kit. I occasionally go to the strip for test and tunes but my bike is mainly for street riding. What extra benefits do you get from the cushion kit over just the clutch mod and upgraded springs? How does it affect daily street riding?
  14. I checked the spring pressure on one of my clutch springs and it appears to be outside of spec according to your instructions. Should I be concerned and/or is there anything I can do?
  15. How do you measure the strength of the clutch springs?
  16. I purchased your Clutch spring spacer kit for 2004-2007 zx-10r and they do not seat into the “retainer” or “bucket” on top of the springs, way undersized. I tried a 2004 and 2005 clutch. Could it be packaged wrong, or what am I doing wrong here cause it doesn’t make sense.
  17. Does the Clutch Cushion Kit or the Ultra Mod come with a gasket for the clutch cover?
  18. Does the hayabusa clutch cushion kit make it harder to find neutral?
  19. Do you have to re adjust your clutch after installing brocks clutch mod on 2013 Kawasaki zx 1400. Got the kit and install the 180 shim kit and slipper eliminater and everything went together easy Fired the bike up and it stalls as soon as I put it in gear.
  20. What should clutch stack height be with your clutch cushion kit installed in a Gen 1 Busa?
  21. I have a 2005 Busa with 1394 motor and a MTC Multi-stage lock up clutch with MTC Light Springs (static) (180 lbs pressure I believe). In your FAQs section you mentioned that you have used your Cushion Kit with a Lock-up Clutch. Did you have to use heavier static springs when using the Cushion Kit with the Lock-up Kit vs when not using the Cushion Kit?
  22. I’m looking to upgrade the clutch on my 06 busa. Its ridden on weekends and is at the track about once a month. Can you make a suggestion as to what parts I should be upgrading? Would you be able to send me a link to the piece(s) you suggest? I’m hoping to cut a few tenths off at the track, and have a clutch that can handle some extra power down the road. Thanks
  23. Will a Gen1 clutch cushion kit work in a Gen2 Busa?
  24. What clutch spring setup would be good for my high horsepower Hayabusa and how much can it handle?
  25. If I use the 99-07 clutch cushion do I also have to use the 99-07 fibers along with the spring studs or can I use the 08 fibers along with the 99-07 spring studs?
  26. If I use a lockup clutch, can I use a cushion kit? How do I know if I need new clutch components?
  27. I have a Hayabusa with your clutch mod and cushion. For some reason the clutches don’t last long. What could be the problem?
  28. Can I use the “08 or “09 Busa clutch plates and fibers (the proper numbers) setup on my “05 busa (in the brock clutch- Mod sequence)?
  29. What clutch spring setup would be good for my high horsepower ZX-14 and how much can it handle?
  30. I purchased a set of your heavy duty clutch springs. Since there are only 5 springs is it possible to only use say 2 or 3 heavy ones with the others remaining stock. Will this jeopardize the feel or operation of the clutch?
  31. I have a 2009 ZX-14 and I recently installed a 40 shot nitrous kit for track use. I’m looking for advice on strengthening the clutch. How much stiffer is the clutch with each of your spacers? What set up would you recommend for my use?
  32. I have a 2007 zx14. The clutch chatters horrible when I launch it at the track. I see you make a kit for the 2012, any suggestions for my 07?
  33. I’ve ordered and installed your clutch cushion mod for the 01-04 GSX-R1000. Would it defeat the purpose if I put the cushion in but left the stock springs in? With all 5 of the HD springs in the clutch lever it is very difficult to pull in, especially in traffic. Im not that big of a guy, at only 130lbs fully suited.
  34. What is the clutch stack height for an 01-04 GSX-R1000 when I remove a plate to make 8 steels and 8 fibers? I installed a clutch cushion for the back dated clutch on my 06 and have some OEM thick, thin steels, and fibers.
  35. Is the Ultra Light Clutch Mod for the 2008 GSX-R1000 the same as the Clutch Cushion Mod?
  36. I have installed the Ultra Clutch Mod, and at first it seemed like the clutch was engaging at the half way point of clutch lever, but after a couple of hard launches it seems to be engaging more towards the almost full out. How do I set the clutch at the adjuster and know its right?
  37. I have a 2006 GSX-R1000 and it has the 04 clutch (5 springs) with the stiff blue springs in it. Can I purchase the yellow 05/06 springs and put them in to make the clutch lever softer, because the blue ones are very stiff. Just want to know if it fits before I order them.
  38. My Suzuki misses and stalls abruptly when I pull the clutch lever in. Do I need a Map, or is my Power Commander bad?
  39. I installed your ultra clutch mod and yellow springs. Now, when I am on the line can I just dump it (does it drag or slip by itself and then bite) or do I still have to drag it? Is there more than one way of setting the clutch? I saw something about washers behind the springs? I am running 14-46 gearing and trying to keep the front end down through the end of first. I have a GSX-R1000 that’s lowered and strapped with weights.
  40. Clutch mod and HD springs: I have both in my 2005 Suzuki GSXR 1000 . What I need help with is the clutch adjustment after both are installed. I see there are 3 adjustment areas; 1) the lever 2) the clutch release adjuster cap 3) and the clutch cable adjuster under the tank. How should all three be adjusted for the correct setting? Here is what I’ve noticed, when I leave free play at the lever it’s hard to engage the gears but when it’s tight at the lever it’s no problem. I’ve followed your instructions to the tee and still it boggles me. I guess I don’t know what I should expect with having your mods in there. Also where should the clutch start to grab? Very soon from the handle or in the middle? This has been racking my brain since I’ve owned the bike.
  41. How much power can the Clutch Cushion kit hold for the GSXR1000 and Hayabusa? I have a lock up and i’m having problems.
  42. I have a 2000 Busa and I’m using stock steels and fibers. On your directions you don’t show the thick steel plates in your drawing. Do I use them or not? You also show two steel plates with round side facing away from engine in drawing and the directions only say the first steel plate round side is facing away from engine. What way should it be done?
  43. I have mounted the clutch cushion kit on my Busa. Now I’m mounting a lock up clutch. Do I have to do anything with the spring pressure or will the springs that followed the cushion kit work well?
  44. 2001 turbo Hayabusa, about 300 hp to the rear wheel. What do you recommend for the clutch set up? I do not want to use a lock up. I currently have a set of Brock’s stiffer clutch springs springs.