FAQ: Map Questions

  1. If I flash my own ECU, will Brock’s Performance Power Commander maps still work correctly?
  2. Does Brock’s Performance offer street maps for their sidewinder exhaust systems?
  3. I flashed my own 2017 GSX-R1000 ECM and now my bike is way down on power and runs terribly… any idea what could be wrong?
  4. Do I need a PCV, ECU flash, or BOTH when installing a Brock’s Performance Exhaust System?
  5. Is it ok to mix race gas and pump gas with Brock’s maps?
  6. Can I use Brock’s maps with fuels in different countries?
  7. Why do I need to block my PAIR and will it affect my mapping?
  8. Do I need a different map for each setting to use the S-DMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector) on my bike.
  9. Will it hurt my bike to install the pipe without the power commander right away?
  10. If I don’t have the 9 volt adapter for my pc3, will I use the power from the bike?
  11. Will I need to install a different MAP if I use the Noise Reduction Plug (BPP-NRP)?
  12. Can you send me a map with the secondary throttle plates removed for a GSX-R1000? Also does Pair valve sucker mod in place mean that the Pair valve has been removed?
  13. I was just wondering what your thoughts (pros & cons) were on using a TRE on a 2005 GSX-R1000. Does it require different mapping and what rpm range does it help?
  14. Can the wrong MAP damage my bike?
  15. I currently have a Gen 3 on my Hayabusa. Will I need a different MAP if I install the Sidewinder?
  16. I have a PC ll but no software to hook up to my computer. Can you assist me in loading the proper maps I need?
  17. What is the difference between a map for 1/8 mile and a map for 1/4 mile?
  18. The map that you sent will not open on my computer.
  19. Will running MR12 require mapping changes compared to Brock’s street maps?
  20. I have an 08 Busa and plan on purchasing an exhaust from you. I wanted to see if you had a map for the BMC street filter and 93 octane gas?
  21. Does a TRE make the motorcycle accelerate more slowly when shifting through gears due to the TRE being set at a specific gear?
  22. What is your take on E85 Fuel? Should I use it in my motorcycle?
  23. How can Brock’s get mapping so close?
  24. Can I use older PC3 USB maps in the newer PCV Power Commanders?
  25. I just bought a PC5 for my bike and I’m going to install the ShortMeg Brock’s full exhaust. I’ve already received maps for a PC3. Can I apply them to the PC5?
  26. Does Brock’s Performance offer Bazzaz Map Support?
  27. What is the best octane for the best fuel MPG? Do you have suggestions to improve my fuel mileage?
  28. My bike runs horribly, is it the map?
  29. Is a Power Commander mandatory or will the stock ECU adapt to the new pipe?
  30. Will a Power Commander hurt my stock 2009 Hayabusa with only 1 mile on it?
  31. I notice a huge difference in the Pump Gas Track map fuel added at 100% throttle starting at around 7k rpm’s compared to the other maps. Is this correct?
  32. Does Brock recommend mixing pump gas and racing fuels?
  33. I have one of your track maps in my bike and I think the bike is running a little rich. I have a wideband and I was wondering what air fuel ratio I should try to achieve?
  34. My bike is down 3,4,5 or more MPH in the 1/4 mile… do I need a new map?
  35. I have aftermarket or ‘different than stock’ velocity stacks, do I need a new map?
  36. Should I remove my TRE after my ECU is Flashed?
  37. How do I check to see if my maps are loaded or installed onto my Power Commander?
  38. What does my $25 Map Support Transfer Fee get me?
  39. I’ve been using the map that was sent to me and I checked my plugs and it appears that I’m running on the lean side of things. There’s some detonation going on and it’s causing the plugs to loosen. I’m running 93 octane pump, should I switch to 100 octane?
  40. Can I buy maps?
  41. Am I eligible for map support if I purchased my Brock’s Performance exhaust system USED?
  42. How do I interpret the map names/abbreviations?
  43. I just received maps from the Brock’s Map Support and they won’t load into my Power Commander. What should I do now?